Monday, 30 June 2014

TTIP - Info from the World Development Movement

I  received this today and wanted to share it with as many as possible....please read..

Dear All
A trade deal between the EU and US, known as TTIP, threatens to undermine our basic democratic rights and puts our public services at risk.
But despite the severity of the threat, TTIP is facing a media blackout.

Take action now to break the media silence on this dangerous trade deal.
Last month 250 people, including MPs and trade union leaders, were arrested in Brussels while peacefully protesting against TTIP. 

This was not covered by the UK's mainstream media.
Please write to your local editor to make sure people in your area  hear about TTIP.
  • The UK’s most read print news is our 1,100 local papers
  • Local papers are read by more than 30 million people in the UK every day
TTIP is being negotiated in secret – clearly, policy makers do not want people to know about it.

If we want to beat this undemocratic deal, we need to make sure people know what's going on behind closed doors. 

Take action and get TTIP into the papers.

Best wishes,

Miriam Ross,
Media officer, WDM

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Unfair Pressure on Parents that Choose not to Vaccinate

Given that the history of vaccines is debatable at best, it is not unreasonable for parents to opt out of having their children vaccinated.  This is a personal choice and one that shouldn't be questioned.
How then is it that those parents that have decided not to vaccinate are made to feel like bad parents?  The question of whether a child has been vaccinated or not is an invasion of privacy - your medical details, of which treatment and prevention are part of that, are private, so schools, nurseries,clubs etc have no right asking.
How, as adults, would we like to questioned by employers as to whether we have had our smear test or mammogram, both are held up as preventative procedures and quite rightly private matters.

May be we women too will find ourselves forced into taking these tests or we might not get a job, just as some places start excluding children for not being vaccinated.  Forced to subject the breasts to unnecessary radiation to conform...what kind of world would that be....well the kind of world that tries social pressure on parents to vaccinate their children...we are there already,and we need to stop it.

Choices on health and the non judgemental attitude towards parents is where we ought to be.  It is not a given that a vaccine will protect you.

Whether a child has had a vaccine or not is not indicative of not contracting the illness or that the vaccine was successful.  In fact to know if the vaccine was successful, a follow up test would be needed to see if the antibodies were there and even then, how long is that the case in artificial the question of vaccinated or not is redundant.

It is a question that is used to pressure parents to conform...well if your child is vaccinated, you must be so sure that they are protected, so nothing to fear from the un-vaccinated then.  In fact the un-vaccinated should perhaps steer clear of the vaccinated as they now have the potential for the illness as we see outbreaks of the illness in the vaccinated.

So if a child ends up in the GP surgery or A & E and whether the ill health is related to an illness associated with a vaccine or not, it matters not a jot if the child has had the vaccine or not, the child needs help and that it the bottom line.  

What if a child has been vaccinated and they still contract measles etc, what would the then doctor or nurse have to say about that??  If the child presents with an illness that is nothing to do with vaccines, then the question is even more irrelevant, but it seems to get asked.

May be if you are the parent of an un-vaccinated child and you ever have to present your child to a doctor or A&E and are asked if your child has been vaccinated....turn the tables and ask them straight away 'why? do you think this is vaccine damage or reaction?'   

Make a different assumption to their of whether the illness in children is vaccine related!

Given most children are vaccinated, it seems odd that the focus is on those that are not and finding out if vaccines have been had.....

If you are the parent of an un-vaccinated child, then Arnica UK is there to help support you in your choice,but perhaps you need to think ahead of what you might say if asked.  It is in the face of medics that parents feel the most pressure and that is no way to be making any decision on health. To feel bullied into it or pressured into it,is coercion and that is wrong. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

June newsletter from CHI / CiChealth

Hi Everyone

Such a beautiful sunny day and Maddy and I got some miles in the boots this afternoon. But unlike Daisy dog, who after her morning walk retreated under the bushes, we decided a cup of tea was more appropriate.

A weekend back I was in Exeter for part of the three day Back2health conference on cancer.  As always, at these events, top quality speakers offering sound advice backed up with experience and expertise.  A great reminder what a complex disease it is and that how crucial it is to not be rail roaded into a decision on the treatment until you know what is out there, what is working and who your experts are.   
What it always brings home to me on hearing just what other countries are doing, is how very backward and second rate our service and medical options are in this field.  Yes there are always successes but the choice is so limited and with better choice comes better chances for more.

Despite the billions spent,i see a rise of 70% in skin cancer and liver cancer was announced today......These are not just due to living longer, these are appearing in younger people and as much as many of us don't want to change the way we live, I'm pretty sure we would like to reduce the risk of dying in this manner.

Some of the speakers were filmed and the guy filming them is hoping to get 'Oasis TV' a channel on health, up and running on the internet.

Dr Rosie Daniel and Barbara Wren were brilliant speakers, emphasis on what the patient wants first and foremost along with supportive techniques to health.  We don't always need a sledgehammer approach,even if the illness seems so big. It would be good to see subtle ways offered as the viable and effective option they can be.

I couldn't be there for the whole 3 days sadly,but Patricia Peat spoke and I know many of you attended her talk here last year.....We are looking to invite her back - so watch this space.  The info is forever updating with Patricia and if you work with anyone going through cancer, then her talk i'm sure would be invaluable.   The feed back from all those that attended last year was all positive.

With so much emphasis on the paleo diet these days, this little video clip is a good reminder of the benefits of it but also that one way doesn't suit all.  Plus a reminder that it's not just swapping carbs for meat.

Information from Graham Blakely, many of you will know Graham and his wealth of experience and knowledge.  He has put together a 2 day workshop on Trigger point therapy.  At this stage he wants to know who might be interested and if so, drop us a line and he'll sort a venue and dates.
All tools in the tool kit as they say.

This Tuesday at Thierrys clinic,116 Ramsden Square,Cambridge 4-6pm is the Arnica meeting.  If you would like to come along, drop us a line. A support group for parents looking at a non vaccine approach and the support that is needed for that. Again,if you have clients that have that dilemma, then please come along yourself and/or let your clients know about it.

You will also see with this email are details of a Yes to Life event on breast cancer.  I have to say that these events just get better and better.   The last one on prostate cancer was excellently attended and the speakers are the very best.  such is the quality of these events,speakers approach them. 

Dr Contreras is a real headline grabber in this field and what a good opportunity for gaining knowledge and CPD 
I would be very surprised if we all are not in contact in some form with someone that is going through this.

So hopefully see you there.  It looks like from Cambridge, head to Kings Cross and then pick up the underground.

Or driving to the Blackhorse carpark in Walthamstow ( top of the M11 from here....costs just a few £'s to park and the tube station is directly opposite.

Not sure just how powerful nutrition is and the role of mitrochondria in the body, this TedX talk by Dr Terry Wahls who had an aggressive form of MS, cured herself with nutrition.

Being therapist, i don't need to tell you how wonderful our bodies are.....but aren't they! - when given the right circumstances and the intelligence of such people as this doctor to look for it outside of their known boxes.

This coming Saturday 28th - Grantchester Tea Gardens 10-12   The Cambridge School of Philosophy will hold its 2nd summer lecture entitled..      Protecting Your Heart  
‘Growing old’ is a challenge that we will all face at some time (hopefully). Developing a philosophical attitude as we grow older can help to address that challenge. This talk will develop that theme.              
Speaker: Richard Edmunds     free to attend, but now a charge for parking.


Keep us posted with anything that you think is worth sharing, courses, workshops, events, awareness etc.....that way we all get a chance to share opportunities and that's what it's all about.

Sarah & Maddy

Multiple amazing turn around

Whilst seaching for something on YouTube today, I stumbled on this TEDX talk given by a remarkable woman - Dr Terry Wahls.  In it she describes how she cured her body of multiple sclerosis, firstly through supplements and then through diet.

It is an amazing talk and just goes to show that diseases we are told are incurable are from it - just whether we can be bothered to or is it easier to drift slowly (or quite quickly as in Dr Wahls case) into debilitated patient without even looking to see what we can change.

17 mins of inspiration...

Not sure just how powerful nutrition is and the role of mitrochondria in the body, this TedX talk by Dr Terry Wahls who had an aggressive form of MS, cured herself with nutrition.

If this can work for Dr Wahls, isn't it worth looking at for someone with MS that you know.

Breast Cancer - The Power of Choice

Breast Cancer - The Power of Choice
Yes to Life London Seminar

Saturday 5th July 2014: 9.30 –  4.30 pm
Glazier’s Hall, 9 Montague Close, London SE1

Yes to Life is delighted that Sheila Dillon, Radio 4's Food Programme Presenter will host a ground-breaking  seminar on breast cancer headlined by Dr Francisco Contreras, Director and President of the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in the UK with incidence rates having increased by 70% since the mid-1970’s.  Although survival rates have been improving, in 2011 in the UK, around 11,700 women died from breast cancer (that’s around 32 per day).*

The seminar will look at ways to support a weakened immune system; taking an integrative approach to breast cancer care; and therapies for supporting the body through breast cancer and standard treatments.

Joining Dr Contreras will be :

  • Dr Siegfried Trefzer from High Tree Medical Clinic;

  • Dr Stefan Geider from Camphill Medical Practice NHS, Aberdeen;

  • Barbara Gallani who will demonstrate the importance of exercise and, in particular, yoga;

  • Two inspirational women will share their personal journey of recovery from breast cancer;  

  • Ted Poulter, a physical activity and public health expert and a member of the Macmillan expert advisory group on a physical activity; 

  • Question and Answer sessions will be held during the day and there will be an opportunity to meet the speakers during refreshments and lunch.

The seminar is aimed at the general public, health care professionals, carers, complementary therapists, and anyone with an interest in breast cancer.

*Cancer Research UK Jan 2014


To book tickets, please click here

There are limited places available for this Seminar so please book early to avoid disappointment

You can also purchase tickets here for the filming of 'The Promise' a documentary film setting out the facts about routine breast screening.  If you are concerned about mammograms or have received the call up then this is a film you really must see.

The screening will take place on Friday 4th July at Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Close London SE1 9DD.  Doors open 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm screening.

Presented by Carole Malone, this documentary takes a factual look at mammography and its use in the medical field. Its aim is to create debate and conversation on over-treatment, patient choice, and medical research. The Film will be followed by a panel Q&A with the producers, Carole Malone, and some of its contributors including Dr Myhill.

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Grantchester Tea Gardens - Summer Lectures

Grantchester Summer Lectures
Philosophy has been discussed beneath the trees of the Orchard at Grantchester for over a century from many including Wittgenstein, Rupert Brooke, Virginia Woolf and Bertrand Russell. The Summer lectures still draw those interested in finding meaning and truth every year to this magical place.
Protecting Your Heart  28 June
‘Growing old’ is a challenge that we will all face at some time (hopefully). Developing a philosophical attitude as we grow older can help to address that challenge. This talk will develop that theme.
Speaker: Richard Edmunds

The Greek Philosophers  26 July
What do the ancient Greek philosophers have to say to us in this day and age? This talk will attempt to show that their writings still resonate today and can provide a practical guide to life for each and every one of us.
Speaker: Stephen Silver

   Aggression and Submission   30 Aug
Television, computer games and the internet have all recently been linked to a rise in bullying and aggression. This talk will look at the roots of human aggression and the way that the teachings of the wise can help us to deal with it.
Speaker: Ranko Pinter

Atheism and the Divine   13 Sep
‘Of any two possibilities choose the third’. The clash between militant atheism and fundamentalist religion can be seen playing out in the daily press and other media coverage. Is there a third way which is not just a ‘fudged compromise’?
Speaker: John Davis

For more information please call 0845 450 3688

The Orchard Tea Rooms can be reached by taking Junction 11 off the M11, following the signs to Grantchester and turning left off the road to Trumpington.  Be careful; the entrance is very easy to pass.  Alternatively, it can be reached by cycling or walking the riverside from Cambridge. Do try the wonderful home-made scones!