Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Does the NHS make us lazy about our own health?

If everything is free at the point of delivery, where is the incentive to prevent illness?

We don't have to make the time to keep ourselves well, because if we get sick, we'll have it all taken care of and no bill at the end of it!

Our NHS is indeed the envy of the world and I certainly know that when my son was born prematurely, if the NHS care he received at the time, had to be paid for, I would probabaly have to have mortgaged the house!

But can we afford it in the way that we have it now?

If everytime we vistit the Dr, we had to pay a small contribution, I wonder how many people would think twice or start to look into preventative procedures first, saving those GP visits for the things that don't just get better.

My experince is that there are many people who see their Dr more than they do their families and have nothing other than anxiety about their health or need a listening ear. Now of course there are people who do need their GP's regular help, but how do we get people to be engaged enough in their health that they want to do things that prevent disease, and by this I don't mean a vaccination or a regular pill prescription!

Let me tie this in to the healthy breast programme we saw launched at the conference. What woman wouldn't want healthy breasts? What woman wants to be given the news she has breast cancer? The answers to those questions should be all and then none!.

What woman will take the time to follow a programme that will help her to have healthy breasts? A woman who cares about herself and the effects on those around her if she is ill, hopefully!  That should be us all.

Therapies of all descriptions need time invested in them, and we seem reluctant to make time to stay healthy, yet when we are ill, time is sometimes not what we have!, and suddenly we have to find it...the body makes us!
Well it's time to start investing in our health!  taking responsibility for our own well being and not leaving everything until the problem has occured.  You don't wait for the tyres on your car to be worn down. That could cost you or others 'life', so why do we play fast and lose with our bodies?

Prevention is always better than cure, it just takes that bit more effort and a cure may not always be totally possible.

There are many therpies that can help and some are better at certain conditions than others. CKT could help you find the right therapy for your problem.

But you might say, why do we have to spend money on therapies when the NHS is free?  May be that is because therapies are good in prevention work and the NHS,despite attempts at engaging people in preventative campaigns, is still the parent of us all.

If your hygeniest wants to see you regularly, and it's costing on average £45 a time for 30mins, I guess you start brushing more often, flossing and treating the gums!

So a free NHS! has it made us too lazy to take our own action on our health

Conference Success

Well after all the planning for months on end to get the conference off the ground and all the work to fill the slot when Dr Marilyn Glenville let us down just 9 days before hand.

The day came and surpassed our expectations.

Denise Tiran gave an excellent presentation and i'm sure the midwives there would have been pleased to hear what this vastly experienced midwife and complementary therapist practitioner had to say.
Denise speaks from a place of knowing and her belief in and use of both Reflexology and Aromatherapy in midwifery is refreshing. Of course the risks and benefits need to be recognised and Denise left all delegates with knowledge of safe practice.

Lesley Clothier, gave us a rare opportunity to see cranio-sacral work in action. This powerful treatment lets the body work to correct problems that hamper the flow of cerebral spinal fluid and allow the bones of the skull to make the smallest of movements, that trigger the bones to find their proper place.

This is a very simplified explanation for a complex move in the body, but one that can turn many problems around, from hormonal problems, to teeth problems, and structural difficulties.

 It is probably the best thing you can do for a new born baby, as this is very often where the problems set in, especially when births have been traumatic at worst, or difficult at best.

The Healthy Breast programme launch from David Stevens was fascinating.  It all makes perfect sense and as he said, he couldn't say it's 100% successful, but in all the women he has treated, he hasn't had a failure yet!

 The Healthy breast website will be up and running by May, along with a downloadable healthy breast programme booklet or audioversion.

The bottom line being, that healthy breasts, can't be unhealthy breasts!

David also presented CKT, on which there are many references on my blog. CKT to help in childbirth, pre and post. The limits of this therapy are endless.  It is a matter of seeing and believing.

Janey Lee Grace, (imperfectlynatural.com and radio 2 presenter, gave a good all round view of just what we are surrounded by everyday that is having a detrimental effect on our health.  Janey talked on everything from deodorants, soap nuts to the wonders of bicarb! and the dangers of household airfreshners

She gave us a lot of food for thought and although she recognised that she has no qualifications in therapies, she comes from a concerned mum, and citizens point of view, of just what we can all be doing differently that will probably help our overall well being!

So my colleague and cohort in this, launched the Cambridge Institute of Complementary Health in style and are already planning the next event