Wednesday, 29 January 2014

February News Letter from the CHI

With January nearly gone and hopefully all tax returns done and out of mind, the last of the wintry months lies ahead. It comes in with the Chinese Year of the Horse, the wood horse to be exact and that can be a tricky one.  
May be not quite through the storm yet...It can be a year of sticking to principles, but that can mean conflict and difficulty in negotiations. It brings energy but fuels the flames. A good year for farming, education (good or bad for Michael Gove??) and the media it seems.
But we may get a few more volcanic eruptions and probably not all from volcanoes. So if you like a fast victory or an unexpected adventure, this could be the year for you. What ever else, it usually brings a year of extremes and not a year for secrecy - great for all those 'whistleblowers'   So a good deal of cooking on Saturday for guests here, to bring in the new year with abundance.  I have to say i prefer the Chinese one, the food is more important and as you know - I'm a foodie.

Daisy the beagle/lab cross that sits here next to me, is looking forward to some lighter evenings....she'll be back to her 3 walks a day the moment carrying a little xmas weight i think.

I had the pleasure of going along to the College of Natural Medicine on Monday to hear Dr Jayne Donegan talk about vaccinations.   So much pro and against gets written about this but this speaker had gone back to 'source' for her evidence.  She had trawled the dusty ledgers that contained the facts of the history of illness both prior and post vaccines and not just taken the word of others.  Partly as she had been asked to take on the case of a parent who didn't want their child vaccinated opposing the view of the other parent, that did.....such a hot potato,but she took it on and it cost her a lot of bad press and no support from the over bearing GMC. 
In her talk, she took  us through her own experience of going from a pro vaccine GP to one that could find no evidence that matched the claims of the drug companies or government speak and in fact, evidence to the contrary.
Unless parents have access to the facts, how can any parent make an informed choice.
When you look at the decline rates of illnesses, they were massively on the decline when vaccines were introduced, due to better living standards and improved environmental conditions. There are many factors that come into play.

A quote i like from Tedd Koren, a chiropractor in the US, and very anti vaccine - he says 'the figures can't lie, but a liar can figure'  which probably accounts for a lot of skewed data then, when money and health meet and not just health!

It was a packed room and I don't think anyone could have left with any doubt, just what her view was or the struggle that she has faced with the powerful GMC in holding that view.
Very often when you talk with parents on vaccines, they come to the same point of being worried about not giving it just in case...but when you listen to the evidence - the concern must surely be in the having of them. 

The 'herd immunity' theory is always the one rolled out by medical practitioners, but Dr Donegan took great delight in reiterating the irony of this, in that it requires the non vaccinated to have the vaccines to protect the vaccinated where the vaccine hasn't worked.

Well i wouldn't want to be selfish, but not quite prepared to take a shot of formaldehyde, aluminium,  animal cells,human cells (that are not my own),  msg, etc etc just in case the vaccine hasn't worked in another.  If that is anyone, please accept my apologies, but I'm not doing it :)))

Still it would seem that the concern over autism from the MMR could be a thing of the past, if the autism vaccine is successful......

Very hard to ascertain causation for many events in health, the variables are vast, despite the 'gold standard, double blind trials' but odd that the rise in cases of autism and ADHD correspond with the increase in the vaccine schedule - a vaccine for the vaccine then.....excellently ironic!

With the UK vaccine schedule currently at 28 before the age of 3.5yrs, and many given as 5:1 and 3:1,  it is shuddering what we are setting our children up for.

If these were not administered as multiple vaccines, a parent would be taking a child to the nurse for a vaccine every 6 weeks.....that might become more questionable.

Last Friday was an eye opener to say the least.  A couple contacted our website for some advice as one of them had been refused a scan here because they had first initiated treatment for a cancer in Germany 7 years ago.   The couple lived here,paid there NHS contributions here for many many years of working life, but when a different cancer came back and a scan here was all that was required, it had been met with a 'no' The treatment will be paid for again from their own pocket, in Germany, as they far outclass us in treatment of people with cancer it seems, with innovative approaches, much like Lord Saatchi had called for here. But to save the couple the trouble of going just for a scan they were asked to get it done here....Having made some enquiries, it seems a GP or consultant has no duty of care to treat anyone....Whose money pays their wages????

Nice to see we have good cooperation with the medics across Europe....The EU it seems is designed for efficiency in business across its members but not with the medical services from here. Wouldn't it be great to see cooperation on health across the EU, we might all have better access to more innovative treatments for cancer than we have here in the UK. 

So not great news to pass back to them and one can only hope they eventually find a compassionate consultant with a sense of reason.

Patrick Kingsley, renowned doctor and contributor to the magazine 'What Doctors Don't Tell You'  will be our speaker in April. 
Currently we have him booked to speak on Tuesday 8th April  -  details to follow, but pop it in your diary, or in those scary i-phone diary things that people have. 

A man of immense knowledge and if anyone saw the edition on cancer of WDDTY, you will see how fantastic he was at treating the Editor of the magazine, Lynne McTaggart's mother in law when she was told she had an breast cancer that was past treatment and to go away and put her affairs in order...well luckily they took her to see Patrick and results were so amazing.....her ordering of her affairs could wait.

The link above is worth a little viewing - skip along to about 1hr,23mins and watch just what happened in real time to the 3" cancer tumour in the bladder as 3 people chanted over it in a 'medicine less' hospital in China....It will take just 2mins 40secs of your time.   Quantum healing in action!

Here's to a good February 

Complementary Health Institute 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Complementary Health Institute - January Newsletter

What a beautiful sunny day it has been and a great way to start back to work. Despite it being a busy one, i managed a lovely long walk with Daisy first thing, and if that dogs tummy gets any nearer the ground, it won't just be wet paws that need contending with.

It of course is the time of year where plans for the coming one start to formulate in the mind and thoughts to where one might be at the end of it all - who knows where the wind will take a person....Look what happened to Mary Poppins & Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz!    Yep...too much xmas TV. 

There are some events coming up that you might be interested in.

The first is this Saturday morning

If any of you attended the Philosophy talks in the delightful Grantchester Orchard Tea Gardens last year, then you will know that they are well worth coming along to.

This Saturday, January 4th. The talk begins at a new time of 10.30 and goes through until 12.30.  It is free to attend

The speaker is John De Val and the subject is 'Procrastination'  'Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today? Is that wise advice? Is procrastination the 'thief of time' or can it be a useful art?  - Is the basis of the talk.

Now given the procrastination I've managed to achieve the last 2 weeks, i'm hoping it's the latter. So providing John hasn't procrastinated too much - he'll be delivering what will be a great talk I'm sure

The College of Natural Medicine in London also has some events that are note worthy.

The first is on Monday 27th January from 6.30-8.30  The talk is 'Vaccinations - The Questions'

It is with Dr Jayne Donegan, who is a GP and Homeopath.  It is £10 and you would need to book.

We are hoping to ask Jayne to speak at a meeting here in Cambridge this year.

She has another talk booked at CNM  which is on Monday 2nd June, again 6.30 - 8.30 and same cost.

The title of this one is 'The Disease of the Vaccination'  MMR - Which is better?

Jayne will be looking at the normal course of Mumps, Measles and Rubella and what parents fear most about these illnesses. She will look at what the vaccine does and take a look at the 'Germ theory of disease'
The pitfalls verses the holistic model of disease.
Jayne will also cover the basic strategies which help parents to cope with any acute childhood illness and infection.

This is very apt, as Thierry Clerc, Maddy and myself have plans to bring together something very similar this year. - we'll keep you posted.

For those of you who are interested in detoxification, cleansing and elimination - and after all, after the xmas wotnots....who isn't!

The CNM have a talk by Dr Brian Clements, director of the Hippocratic Health Institute in Florida. Dr Clements will talk on the workings of the elimination system, lymph, liver, colon, blood, lungs, kidneys and skin, and will cover what one experiences in a detox program.

He has pioneered clinical research and training in how to prevent disease and enhance longevity plus maintain vitality.

So 3 great talks there. for full details go to  or call 01342 410 505.

Maddy and I also have some speakers lined up for you, a little closer to home.  Both talks will be at the Trumpington Pavillion

Our first is on Tuesday 11th February and starts at 7.45.  Philosophy teacher and speaker, Michael Snow, will be giving us a talk entitled 'Complementary Philosophy - an antidote to thinking'   (bring it on I say - I'm sure thinking is much over rated!)

The talk will be an introduction to the philosophy of unity , known as “Advaita”, which is probably the oldest philosophical teaching on the planet, and which underpins much of what is offered by the great religious and spiritual traditions. It seeks to perceive that which unites human beings.  It offers an approach which is inclusive – not exclusive.  It seeks to make available the true nature of humanity, which is said to be truth, consciousness and bliss, or true happiness.”

What a great time to hear this talk as we edge ever further towards the Aquarian Age.

Michael has been studying this subject within the School of philosophy in Cambridge and its parent body for some 30 years , and tutoring groups for 20.  He holds regular workshops at the schools study centre near Saffron Walden , and on occasion tutors at the schools residential premises near Oxford.

We are looking forward to welcoming Michael in February.

Our next booked speaker is set for  Tuesday April 8th and again a 7.45 start,  We are delighted to welcome Dr Patrick Kingsley . Patrick spoke superbly at our convention on cancer in Birmingham in October 2012 and again in November the same year, at the Totnes Cancer conference.

To quote Dr Kingsley

“As a fully qualified doctor, I eventually got to the point in my practice where I felt there had to be a better way. While the drugs I prescribed were making people feel a little better, nobody was actually being cured. I didn't come into medicine to make people comfortable. I wanted to be a healer. So I started to explore ways of healing without drugs or surgery. I tested what I discovered on myself until I felt happy that I could offer this to my patients. That was 30 years ago. In that time I have seen – and treated – thousands of 'incurables'”

Dr Kingsley will be speaking on his methods and successes of treating chronic diseases without a prescription pad!
There will be plenty of time for questions at the end and to chat with Dr Kingsley.

I'm sure we are in for a treat from both our speakers, although different modalities, one and the same when it comes to a true holistic approach to health - after all, where the mind and thoughts go - the body follows.

Make a note in the diary of those that grab you attention and hopefully see you at some of them.

Have a great start to the new year and we'll keep you posted!