Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Hidden Energy of Food - Seasoning With Love.

Why does a home made cake taste so much nicer than a shop bought one, no matter if that shop is the most top notch, high end patisserie going?
The meal that is home cooked from scratch rather than scrapped out of a carton after the 'ping' of a microwave will always have that little extra.
Going out to dinner to a restaurant is lovely and the food will probably be great, cooked well, presented well but still missing that little extra too.

What is that little extra then?

I have to confess I am a complete foody and enjoy the whole experience of shopping, cooking and eating. Even when time is very tight, which like most of us, is pretty well always, the time taken to shop,cook and eat, for me, is worth squeezing the time for.

Isn't it always great to eat what a friend has cooked for you, when that food was prepared with the guests in mind and the host wanting it to be good to eat and enjoyed, it has that special quality, love!

Can love make a difference to the taste of a meal? well there is an experiment to be had, but as we are increasingly more aware of the subtleties around us and the energy that goes into and stays within us, may be that kind and loving energy does indeed enhance the food we eat.

It is surely a given that by using the best ingredients we can afford will enhance the taste, ie butter in a cake over margarine is certainly going to make a better cake.  Organic eggs taste better than factory farmed eggs from caged birds.
But what if all that, the main ingredient is energy and i'm not talking about what fires your stove.
If the meal is prepared with kindness and care, love and compassion, then will it not taste better than something prepared in a factory? The remote human contact it has had, could be one of a factory worker, fed up that day, in a bad mood,disgruntled etc etc....even if the factory worker is the happiest he/she can be - there is no soul connection with the end recipient.

This goes all the way through the food process, the energy and intention planted with the seeds for the crops, the animal husbandry from rearing through to the butchers display.  If each step has been done by some one who cares about the outcome and is passionate about what they do and working in harmony with the environment and compassion for the animals they rear, has that not got to come through energetically in our food and ultimately effect us and our well being.

Ask any one that grows their own food.  I live near some allotments, and it is a pleasure to watch the allotment holders plant, nurture and harvest their well deserved crops. The thought of what to plant,the sharing of seeds with others.  They tend to them with a vested interest in their success and for the pleasure of eating something they have grown and nurtured themselves - look at the lovely energy that food has within it already.

The type of food and quality of it, is one thing, but food is energy or fuel for our bodies needs and if you think that we are energy beings on one level, we will resonate with other energies.

Many of us shop in a hurry,throwing the items into the trolley as we hurtle around the supermarket. We are less inclined to 'select' looking for the one we want, the supermarket homogenises that experience and we just take the next one on the shelf. Little thought and intention at this stage, but we can add that special ingredient when we cook. Supermarkets can be a soul less shopping experience, but for most of us, this is the way of shopping today, not always by choice but through necessity.

If we prepare food as if we are spitting venom, chances are it's not as great as when we prepare it from the heart and because we want to nourish and please the recipient. A quick snack, a simple spread of salad and cold meats, a full dinner or a lovely home made cake, the intentions in our heart might just be received and enhance the well being, albeit subtly, of those that get to eat it. It is not about being a fantastic cook - we can't all be Nigella, Delia, or Ms Berry, but we can all add that little bit of love.

Radio 4 and the Flu

A couple of weeks ago whilst travelling in the car, I caught the tail end of Woman's Hour on Radio 4. I tuned in to the last 10 minutes to hear part four of what turned out to be their 5 apart mini drama serial of the week - My Life With Flu.   I heard a voiceover describe what is in the flu vaccine and how that would react in the body etc - slightly odd I thought, as it sounded more like a campaign to get people to have a flu jab. At first I thought it was a radio ad for the flu jab...not far from the fact!

So having looked up just what this story was about, I was compelled to listen to the back episodes and hear the final instalment.  Here was a story charting the history and development of the original Hong Kong flu of 1969,through the life and loves of Jill and David, up to present day. It charted the damage the flu can inflict on us and the disruption it can cause in our lives...much like any illness I guess, just that those we don't have a vaccine for as yet are never labelled as deadly or harmful or I'm sure they would be pushed too.

But we are in the middle of the flu jab campaign and this collaboration between the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute and Sarah Woods, the writer for this drama was snugly placed at the end of every Woman's Hour - a drip feed reminder of the flu, what it can do, and with a lot of references through out, to the consequences of getting flu and of people asking 'have you had the flu jab?'.  A blow by blow account of how seemingly easy it is to catch it and that it mutates, so getting the jab once is not enough. The same virus that Jill was infected with in '69 has mutated several times across the decades and to Jill's body it is new each time as her immune system doesn't recognise it.

The words are always key, 'attacking' the immune system etc and stressing the disruption it can cause, in this case never quite letting 2 people in love be together......

I see many people who have the flu jab and despite what doctors say,they seem to be the only ones that get a dose of flu on a regular basis...not sure that's the desired outcome.  Some are so proud to get their jabs every year and for those that don't end up with a dose of flu are convinced it was the flu jab that stopped it - but the chances of getting flu every year are rare,even every 5 years.  We have a tendency to call a heavy cold 'the flu' so the definition and understanding of it is a little vague but plays in to the hands of those that want to push the flu jab.
The conflict of interest is great, and with a GP's and Pharmacists paid for every jab, is it any wonder it can feel we are nothing more than a market for a commodity. 

If the key is to prevent you getting flu, then why not a big push on vitamin C and Vitamin D in the run up to winter, typical flu season.   It could cost a lot less than the vaccine, no side effects other than additional benefits to you health.
It is no surprise that winter is a prime time for such viruses. To ensure a healthy immune system, we need good doses of Vit D, most of us this far north of the equator are well under healthy Vit D levels and as the days grow shorter, what sun we have and the time we are actually exposed to it, is so short that we go into winter with already depleted immunity.

So never mind the not so subtle campaigns to get us to have flu jabs, how about a campaign for us all to get a Vit D test or just increase our levels to the optimum for strong immunity.

The best thing about this approach is that it is not a one trick pony...the flu jab 'might' protect you from certain flu viruses the WHO have figured we are susceptible to, some believe it doesn't even do that.  For the sake of argument, let us give it the credit for protecting you from the flu.....Increasing your Vit D and Vit C, will boost your immune system and help protect you against what ever other viruses and cell mutations might occur - Vitamins multi task in your body.

Between the two options, the vitamin approach has more going for it, cheaper and no hidden ingredients that we might like first to be informed about before taking the shot.  A win win!

May be we need a radio 4 serial that drip feeds us the benefits of vitamins,then we might take them and have healthier lives as a result.....not sure the Sanger Centre will collaborate on that one.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Festival of Well being

Yesterday I went to the Festival of Well being in London. This was the third annual event staged by the Resurgence and Ecologist - The Resurgence Trust.  If you have never come across them -check out

With 15 superb speakers and artists, it was no wonder we came away with a lightness and sense of positivity.  Great to hear of all the positive projects that are going on up and down the country,especially right now in a world that looks so grim,cruel and intolerant.

It seems our sense of well being comes from a greater sense of fairness between us and where the rich/poor divide is the greatest, the sense of well being is low.  It seems we don't feel great by having lots of stuff, if those around us are not in the same situation.  So stuff doesn't make us happy - phew!   can someone please tell those that produce it by the tonne using up the resources future generations might like to have a taste of. I was so happy the other day, to see a small shop that repairs things - hoovers,irons, all manner of electrical goods. Not only is it great we still have people who have skills that can repairs things, we are not all in to the throw away culture and buy new.  The planned obsolescence of so many electrical goods can be beaten! Mark Golding from Oxfam highlighted this inequality aspect that blights all our sense of well being

Our connection with nature was also widely spoken about.  That wonderful activist, Vandana Shiva and Monty Don,both spoke eloquently on the importance of soil and seed and how it continually heals us and nourishes us as long as we don't use the chemicals of war on it.  Nature needs no assistance from Monsanto - she has managed just fine before they arrived on the scene. Nature knows how to adapt the seed to cope with the environment. She doesn't set out to exploit and copyright nor does she make us pay for the water that drops freely.   Monsanto on the other hand might just like to try and I'm sure others out there would consider it also.  If we face a water shortage, then fracking must be one of the biggest waste of water with other effects we can only anticipate.

Sense of community and conversing with each other also featured high as essential for well being. Here we had Leo Johnson,co founder of sustainable finance ltd, speak of the venture he embarked on getting to know his neighbours after being forced to slow his pace down due to in jury. Suddenly he found himself speaking to people in his street and the next thing, there they are helping in the grape supplies and wine making escapade that united the road he lived in.  How many of us know our neighbours. Apparently we have a better chance of this if we live on a quiet cul de sac as opposed to a major road.

Roman Krznaric author of the Empathy Revolution, a book that is designed to start a 'global explosion of empathic thinking and action'   Isn't that just what we need right now. Projects he mentioned included babies helping school children learn empathy. I'm sure we could ramp up the empathy.

With Dame Carol Black discussing the importance of your job. Those who are doing a job they love but also feel they have autonomy within that job have a greater sense of well being.  The job doesn't necessarily have to be a high flying career of a job,but the person doing it must feel valued and listened to.  So Dame Carol's job is to look at well being in the workplace.  Needless to say, those that work for themselves have greater job satisfaction even though they don't have the paid holidays, sick leave, etc etc, they have that all important sense of autonomy.

With Rupert Sheldrake adding his unique stance to the day and reminding us that science has a place but that we need science to be open and 'new science' not just the dogmas it has built itself around.

Topped off with Friends of the Earth reminding us that we can't keep taking from it at the rate we are for short term gain. As Craig Bennett said, Friends of the Earth are often accused of standing in the way of progress, but is it progress to see over half the worlds species disappear, terrains and habitats vanish. Minerals that have taken 1000's of years to form- gone! Polluted seas and rivers, retreating glaciers.  Does that sound like progress?

The heart warming 'Action for Happiness' speaker,Mark Williamson,  enlightened the audience on some of the initiative going on to promote goodness and happiness.  So badly needed in society today where a media feed on misery and worse case scenarios.  You could be forgiven for living in fear as that is what our current system generates and how much better it is if we can resist buying into fear.

With heart felt poetry from Pascale Petit and the beautiful voice of Brina,  It was a day that raised the soul.

If the names above are new to you, google them and see for yourselves the people out there trying hard to make a better, fairer,just and kinder world.  We can all start in a small way, just by speaking to a stranger at the bus stop and getting to know those nearest us. Looking at the job you do and see where you get your enjoyment from or how it can be made better.

The world we live in we have created - keep doing what we do and we keep the status quo - improve what we do and we could all be living a happier,contented life.

Satish Kumar, editor in chief of Resurgence and Ecologist magazine, is a true inspiration. Once a Janus monk that walked the world with nothing other than the human kindness he met on route, his gentle wisdom, humanity and sense of fun exude from him.  His address to the audience was serene.
Again,if you have never read his works or know of him, then change that.

It was lovely to see all ages, race, creed, socio-economic groups all coming together to share a day of well being.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

MMR Vaccine problems. Dr Wakefield's response and Why is the reporting left to the alternative media?

In a world where the reporting of news is 24/7 it seems that nothing is left unreported or commented on.  But when the media chooses a black out or is 'asked' to have a black out, the news is what's not been reported and why......often far more relevant to us all.

Natural news is one of the few alternative media channels that have been reporting on the whistle blower from the CDC on the correlation between autism and the MMR vaccine.

The problem with organisations that partake in cover-ups to protect big business - organisations that are there to protect the public, the public should query what else they cover up.

If someone tells you a lie, you rarely trust what they say after...when that someone is an organisation that is there to protect its citizens health, well that's a problem....

Watch the story unfold via the Natural News Website.

The health of children are at stake here and that should be news worthy!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

August's Newsletter from CiCHealth

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all enjoying the summer. The weather is certainly erratic and having checked it on the BBC weather site for last Wednesday - on the North Norfolk coast, It declared it to be a bright sunny day......oh if only....indeed it started as a clear blue sky as we left Cley and began our walk along the Blakeney Spit, but within 20mins we were walking into a gale and torrential rain,undeterred, we persisted through and within 10mins the sky had cleared and bright sunshine returned, only for it to do it all over again.

2 drenchings later we were back in beautiful sunshine, fully dried off and more than rewarded with the sight of seals on the beach and bopping along in the sea,following those of us that were mad enough to walk through the and 2 others.  

I though I would share with you a recent radio 4 programme - Inside Health. Ever wondered about the conflict of interest your doctor faces as he/she reaches for the prescription pad, then this programme and the following 2 might be of interest to you.

I'm always surprised that in this day and age how many people hand their health totally over to the doctor and do exactly as they are told,rather than take it as an opinion. When you sit in the consultancy room and watch a doctor google your symptoms it starts to get a bit worrying.   

worth a listen if you haven't heard it.

Here is the link......

Inside Health Radio 4   Dr Mark Porter    Conflicted Medicine: Pharmaceuticals

There is a very interesting event coming up in London hosted by Resurgence

Resurgence Festival of Wellbeing

The shift from economic growth to growth in wellbeing

Sat 11 Oct 2014 • 10:00-18:00

At the Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4QH

Some great speakers including Satish Kumar, ecologist and editor of Resurgence magazine. Vandana Shiva, Environment and health activist and Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Biologist and Author, to name a few. For a full list here is the link......

The cost of the day is just £45 and given the quality of the speakers, that is a bargain!

My ticket is booked for this one and perhaps see you there.  All good CPD points.


We are also looking ahead to workshops and events in the coming year.

We are very keen to invite back Patricia Peat from Cancer Options.   As those of you that attended her last talk know, her depth of knowledge on the subject of cancer and the current thinking and successful treatment methods is second to none.

We are hoping to fix a date during this coming Autumn so we'll keep you posted.


There is a new Arnica group that is developing in Cambridge.  Arnica helps support parents who are against the current stance on vaccination and often in need of support in their decision to go against the system and who need information on how to manage child hood illnesses.

We will let you know of meeting times and dates for this group and helping to spread the word on it would be good.   It is all about choice and knowledge.   Knowledge hopefully makes for informed choice and Arnica is there is help with that. 

Don't forget to keep an eye on the local FHT website, Abington Barns website and Inspire Online, Great talks and events coming along under those umbrellas also.


This just popped into my email

A link for an e-book on GMO free shopping in the UK.  It has taken the guys at the Therapy Team a while to compile this and could well be worth the small fee of £3.06 (if you have a kindle)  and are keen not to support the GM industry.

Enjoy the rest of a good summer.

Sarah and on behalf of Maddy

Friday, 18 July 2014

Statins...another big push!

Statins hit the news again on both sides of the pond.  Here in the UK we have the headline

'Statins: Millions more to get drugs in controversial plans'

Doctors have been told to offer millions more people the cholesterol lowering drug.  As many as 4 in 10 adults could be given statins...just in case!

want to read the whole story.....

I've written my view on statins many times, so rather than repeat myself take a look at the suggested clips and before you jump at the chance of taking a statin, be your own doctor and do your research. What's really in it for you if you take statins, What can you do yourself and what is really in it for big pharma - follow the money!  

If your body developed high cholesterol through lifestyle, then change it, if it developed high cholesterol because you lacked statins....well you have one unusual body there....We don't develop a headache through lack of paracetamol and would you take a couple of those a day just in case and run the risk of stomach ulcers,probably not, but you might avoid things you know give you headaches.  That principle can be applied to cholesterol.  Before you decide if cholesterol is your friend or foe,watch Statin Nation, you can sometimes get to view it free on line somewhere or the website is

Over in US yesterday, NBC ran a story on the harmful effects of Niacin, a vitamin that is prescribed there to lower LDL and raise HDL.  Declaring that Niacin is causing heart problems......Well there is a story that made no sense.....and of course the minute you look behind the headlines, and look at the study, it shows that they didn't look at Niacin as just Niacin, it was an extending release niacin, not the over the counter version we can all buy, and in the trial it was being used alongside a drug. NBC just forgot to mention that bit.

Given the drug companies can advertise their pills on national TV in the US, again, it's a follow the money job. 

It is absolutely right that when you really want to know something, go to the source.  Look at the study, not the reporting of the study with the bias attached. Look at the studies on Niacin and it's excellent safety record and than look at the side effects of statins.

You wonder what the point of news is when it is an inaccurate medley of what exactly? because it is hardly facts.

Not sure what you should do?   At the end of day, it is your body that the medicine goes into, your body that has to deal with it....Statins verses lifestyle......Once you see how statins work, you get an idea that they just might cause you the very problem they are being used to treat, so get informed before you make your decision.

Doctors know what drug companies tell them, that can be based on 'cherry picked' studies and if you have put a drug through costly trials,you are going to want to claw that money back, then we come to ethics over profit and that is often a debate that ethics might not do so well in.

Want to know the truth about Niacin, real Niacin, go to the source. Here is the best retort to the NBC news report.

Many doctors are calling for all studies on drugs to be published so they too can be better informed on what they tell patients.  It is with big pharma and their big bucks that the problem lays.

So who really is behind these two transatlantic stories.

I think currently 2 trials have to show that the drug works better than a placebo,even if another 8 show it doesn't.  That is kind of worth remembering for any drug you have to take.  Risk V Benefit, Ethics V decide.

Monday, 30 June 2014

TTIP - Info from the World Development Movement

I  received this today and wanted to share it with as many as possible....please read..

Dear All
A trade deal between the EU and US, known as TTIP, threatens to undermine our basic democratic rights and puts our public services at risk.
But despite the severity of the threat, TTIP is facing a media blackout.

Take action now to break the media silence on this dangerous trade deal.
Last month 250 people, including MPs and trade union leaders, were arrested in Brussels while peacefully protesting against TTIP. 

This was not covered by the UK's mainstream media.
Please write to your local editor to make sure people in your area  hear about TTIP.
  • The UK’s most read print news is our 1,100 local papers
  • Local papers are read by more than 30 million people in the UK every day
TTIP is being negotiated in secret – clearly, policy makers do not want people to know about it.

If we want to beat this undemocratic deal, we need to make sure people know what's going on behind closed doors. 

Take action and get TTIP into the papers.

Best wishes,

Miriam Ross,
Media officer, WDM

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Unfair Pressure on Parents that Choose not to Vaccinate

Given that the history of vaccines is debatable at best, it is not unreasonable for parents to opt out of having their children vaccinated.  This is a personal choice and one that shouldn't be questioned.
How then is it that those parents that have decided not to vaccinate are made to feel like bad parents?  The question of whether a child has been vaccinated or not is an invasion of privacy - your medical details, of which treatment and prevention are part of that, are private, so schools, nurseries,clubs etc have no right asking.
How, as adults, would we like to questioned by employers as to whether we have had our smear test or mammogram, both are held up as preventative procedures and quite rightly private matters.

May be we women too will find ourselves forced into taking these tests or we might not get a job, just as some places start excluding children for not being vaccinated.  Forced to subject the breasts to unnecessary radiation to conform...what kind of world would that be....well the kind of world that tries social pressure on parents to vaccinate their children...we are there already,and we need to stop it.

Choices on health and the non judgemental attitude towards parents is where we ought to be.  It is not a given that a vaccine will protect you.

Whether a child has had a vaccine or not is not indicative of not contracting the illness or that the vaccine was successful.  In fact to know if the vaccine was successful, a follow up test would be needed to see if the antibodies were there and even then, how long is that the case in artificial the question of vaccinated or not is redundant.

It is a question that is used to pressure parents to conform...well if your child is vaccinated, you must be so sure that they are protected, so nothing to fear from the un-vaccinated then.  In fact the un-vaccinated should perhaps steer clear of the vaccinated as they now have the potential for the illness as we see outbreaks of the illness in the vaccinated.

So if a child ends up in the GP surgery or A & E and whether the ill health is related to an illness associated with a vaccine or not, it matters not a jot if the child has had the vaccine or not, the child needs help and that it the bottom line.  

What if a child has been vaccinated and they still contract measles etc, what would the then doctor or nurse have to say about that??  If the child presents with an illness that is nothing to do with vaccines, then the question is even more irrelevant, but it seems to get asked.

May be if you are the parent of an un-vaccinated child and you ever have to present your child to a doctor or A&E and are asked if your child has been vaccinated....turn the tables and ask them straight away 'why? do you think this is vaccine damage or reaction?'   

Make a different assumption to their of whether the illness in children is vaccine related!

Given most children are vaccinated, it seems odd that the focus is on those that are not and finding out if vaccines have been had.....

If you are the parent of an un-vaccinated child, then Arnica UK is there to help support you in your choice,but perhaps you need to think ahead of what you might say if asked.  It is in the face of medics that parents feel the most pressure and that is no way to be making any decision on health. To feel bullied into it or pressured into it,is coercion and that is wrong. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

June newsletter from CHI / CiChealth

Hi Everyone

Such a beautiful sunny day and Maddy and I got some miles in the boots this afternoon. But unlike Daisy dog, who after her morning walk retreated under the bushes, we decided a cup of tea was more appropriate.

A weekend back I was in Exeter for part of the three day Back2health conference on cancer.  As always, at these events, top quality speakers offering sound advice backed up with experience and expertise.  A great reminder what a complex disease it is and that how crucial it is to not be rail roaded into a decision on the treatment until you know what is out there, what is working and who your experts are.   
What it always brings home to me on hearing just what other countries are doing, is how very backward and second rate our service and medical options are in this field.  Yes there are always successes but the choice is so limited and with better choice comes better chances for more.

Despite the billions spent,i see a rise of 70% in skin cancer and liver cancer was announced today......These are not just due to living longer, these are appearing in younger people and as much as many of us don't want to change the way we live, I'm pretty sure we would like to reduce the risk of dying in this manner.

Some of the speakers were filmed and the guy filming them is hoping to get 'Oasis TV' a channel on health, up and running on the internet.

Dr Rosie Daniel and Barbara Wren were brilliant speakers, emphasis on what the patient wants first and foremost along with supportive techniques to health.  We don't always need a sledgehammer approach,even if the illness seems so big. It would be good to see subtle ways offered as the viable and effective option they can be.

I couldn't be there for the whole 3 days sadly,but Patricia Peat spoke and I know many of you attended her talk here last year.....We are looking to invite her back - so watch this space.  The info is forever updating with Patricia and if you work with anyone going through cancer, then her talk i'm sure would be invaluable.   The feed back from all those that attended last year was all positive.

With so much emphasis on the paleo diet these days, this little video clip is a good reminder of the benefits of it but also that one way doesn't suit all.  Plus a reminder that it's not just swapping carbs for meat.

Information from Graham Blakely, many of you will know Graham and his wealth of experience and knowledge.  He has put together a 2 day workshop on Trigger point therapy.  At this stage he wants to know who might be interested and if so, drop us a line and he'll sort a venue and dates.
All tools in the tool kit as they say.

This Tuesday at Thierrys clinic,116 Ramsden Square,Cambridge 4-6pm is the Arnica meeting.  If you would like to come along, drop us a line. A support group for parents looking at a non vaccine approach and the support that is needed for that. Again,if you have clients that have that dilemma, then please come along yourself and/or let your clients know about it.

You will also see with this email are details of a Yes to Life event on breast cancer.  I have to say that these events just get better and better.   The last one on prostate cancer was excellently attended and the speakers are the very best.  such is the quality of these events,speakers approach them. 

Dr Contreras is a real headline grabber in this field and what a good opportunity for gaining knowledge and CPD 
I would be very surprised if we all are not in contact in some form with someone that is going through this.

So hopefully see you there.  It looks like from Cambridge, head to Kings Cross and then pick up the underground.

Or driving to the Blackhorse carpark in Walthamstow ( top of the M11 from here....costs just a few £'s to park and the tube station is directly opposite.

Not sure just how powerful nutrition is and the role of mitrochondria in the body, this TedX talk by Dr Terry Wahls who had an aggressive form of MS, cured herself with nutrition.

Being therapist, i don't need to tell you how wonderful our bodies are.....but aren't they! - when given the right circumstances and the intelligence of such people as this doctor to look for it outside of their known boxes.

This coming Saturday 28th - Grantchester Tea Gardens 10-12   The Cambridge School of Philosophy will hold its 2nd summer lecture entitled..      Protecting Your Heart  
‘Growing old’ is a challenge that we will all face at some time (hopefully). Developing a philosophical attitude as we grow older can help to address that challenge. This talk will develop that theme.              
Speaker: Richard Edmunds     free to attend, but now a charge for parking.


Keep us posted with anything that you think is worth sharing, courses, workshops, events, awareness etc.....that way we all get a chance to share opportunities and that's what it's all about.

Sarah & Maddy

Multiple amazing turn around

Whilst seaching for something on YouTube today, I stumbled on this TEDX talk given by a remarkable woman - Dr Terry Wahls.  In it she describes how she cured her body of multiple sclerosis, firstly through supplements and then through diet.

It is an amazing talk and just goes to show that diseases we are told are incurable are from it - just whether we can be bothered to or is it easier to drift slowly (or quite quickly as in Dr Wahls case) into debilitated patient without even looking to see what we can change.

17 mins of inspiration...

Not sure just how powerful nutrition is and the role of mitrochondria in the body, this TedX talk by Dr Terry Wahls who had an aggressive form of MS, cured herself with nutrition.

If this can work for Dr Wahls, isn't it worth looking at for someone with MS that you know.

Breast Cancer - The Power of Choice

Breast Cancer - The Power of Choice
Yes to Life London Seminar

Saturday 5th July 2014: 9.30 –  4.30 pm
Glazier’s Hall, 9 Montague Close, London SE1

Yes to Life is delighted that Sheila Dillon, Radio 4's Food Programme Presenter will host a ground-breaking  seminar on breast cancer headlined by Dr Francisco Contreras, Director and President of the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in the UK with incidence rates having increased by 70% since the mid-1970’s.  Although survival rates have been improving, in 2011 in the UK, around 11,700 women died from breast cancer (that’s around 32 per day).*

The seminar will look at ways to support a weakened immune system; taking an integrative approach to breast cancer care; and therapies for supporting the body through breast cancer and standard treatments.

Joining Dr Contreras will be :

  • Dr Siegfried Trefzer from High Tree Medical Clinic;

  • Dr Stefan Geider from Camphill Medical Practice NHS, Aberdeen;

  • Barbara Gallani who will demonstrate the importance of exercise and, in particular, yoga;

  • Two inspirational women will share their personal journey of recovery from breast cancer;  

  • Ted Poulter, a physical activity and public health expert and a member of the Macmillan expert advisory group on a physical activity; 

  • Question and Answer sessions will be held during the day and there will be an opportunity to meet the speakers during refreshments and lunch.

The seminar is aimed at the general public, health care professionals, carers, complementary therapists, and anyone with an interest in breast cancer.

*Cancer Research UK Jan 2014


To book tickets, please click here

There are limited places available for this Seminar so please book early to avoid disappointment

You can also purchase tickets here for the filming of 'The Promise' a documentary film setting out the facts about routine breast screening.  If you are concerned about mammograms or have received the call up then this is a film you really must see.

The screening will take place on Friday 4th July at Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Close London SE1 9DD.  Doors open 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm screening.

Presented by Carole Malone, this documentary takes a factual look at mammography and its use in the medical field. Its aim is to create debate and conversation on over-treatment, patient choice, and medical research. The Film will be followed by a panel Q&A with the producers, Carole Malone, and some of its contributors including Dr Myhill.

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Grantchester Tea Gardens - Summer Lectures

Grantchester Summer Lectures
Philosophy has been discussed beneath the trees of the Orchard at Grantchester for over a century from many including Wittgenstein, Rupert Brooke, Virginia Woolf and Bertrand Russell. The Summer lectures still draw those interested in finding meaning and truth every year to this magical place.
Protecting Your Heart  28 June
‘Growing old’ is a challenge that we will all face at some time (hopefully). Developing a philosophical attitude as we grow older can help to address that challenge. This talk will develop that theme.
Speaker: Richard Edmunds

The Greek Philosophers  26 July
What do the ancient Greek philosophers have to say to us in this day and age? This talk will attempt to show that their writings still resonate today and can provide a practical guide to life for each and every one of us.
Speaker: Stephen Silver

   Aggression and Submission   30 Aug
Television, computer games and the internet have all recently been linked to a rise in bullying and aggression. This talk will look at the roots of human aggression and the way that the teachings of the wise can help us to deal with it.
Speaker: Ranko Pinter

Atheism and the Divine   13 Sep
‘Of any two possibilities choose the third’. The clash between militant atheism and fundamentalist religion can be seen playing out in the daily press and other media coverage. Is there a third way which is not just a ‘fudged compromise’?
Speaker: John Davis

For more information please call 0845 450 3688

The Orchard Tea Rooms can be reached by taking Junction 11 off the M11, following the signs to Grantchester and turning left off the road to Trumpington.  Be careful; the entrance is very easy to pass.  Alternatively, it can be reached by cycling or walking the riverside from Cambridge. Do try the wonderful home-made scones!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Cancer - get informed!

I know that anyone that has lost someone close to them will,like me, be haunted by dates. The day they died etc.  They are never far from our thoughts of course at most times,but then significant dates come along and it gives a time to see it all from a slightly different angle, albeit none less painful.

It is 3 years today that my sister got a 'death sentence' from the hospital, when she was given the news that far too many receive, 'it's terminal cancer'  'we're sorry,there is nothing we can do'

Even more of a shock as she only went in for a hysterectomy - cancer was never on the cards.

But 7pm on Friday 13th of May in room 13 on this ward will be a scene that will never leave my head.
Even now I find it hard to think that I won't see her again and I can't just call her up for a chat or head out for the day.

We talk about cancer as being a cruel illness, like there are kindly ones out there - well maybe it's not the illness but the way it is treated or not treated that is the cruelty.

The choice, one quickly realises, on just what the NHS will offer, is limited, it is no different than 70 years ago. It is still surgery,radiotherapy and chemo....the drugs may have changed, but then again - even there, not that much.

All those years on, people still dying from it in ever increasing numbers, diagnosed with it in ever increasing numbers and yet still we persist with the same basic approach.

Across the globe innovative methods are showing results, methods that are cheaper in many cases, more effective but ignored.

There are various experts out there with documented studies and strong case study evidence to show how different approaches can work.

We held our own conference a year after my sister died, 2 months later, a similar conference and later next month Back to Health in Exeter, UK, have a fantastic line up of speakers, all sharing the knowledge of what is out there and working to restore to health for those with cancer.

At the moment, those wishing to follow a different route need to have the finances behind them, but how much does it cost to fund that same patient through the set route. What if doctors can explore other methods for patients, what if you had a budget for your treatment, i wonder where you would spend it.

Cancer was an illness I wanted nothing to do with, I didn't want to have to think about it, so how quick a learning curve for me, when I watched my sister being given the news and that look of disbelief on the face of her husband.  The coldness and matter of fact of the delivery from the doctor.

My single biggest regret was not having enough knowledge at the time and playing catch up with the limited time we had

Don't let lack of knowledge be a terms of health and treatment, get informed and keep updated.    Some people watch their stocks and shares more than what's going on with their health.  There are no pockets in shrouds as they say!  They keep a look out for the best interest rates,  but not the latest innovations in health.   They vote on X-factor but not in an election.  Press the MP's to review the outdated 1939 cancer act and untie the hands.

Why do we trust decisions on our health provisions ultimately to MP's  a Secretary for Health one minute and Trade and Industry the next.....So we need to press for better provisions and greater choice in heath care and train our doctors far wider than the MERCK manual.

How many people will hear the same words today my sister heard 3 years ago and how many through conventional and blinkered approaches will be dead in 6 weeks.

I will never forget my sister being told she was too ill for chemo, so we had to try diet and supplements and natural medicine, so much so she got stronger and well enough to have chemo offered - her fear lead her to accept it and just one bout lead to her death along with increased so called pain relief.
She regretted the chemo instantly, her instinct over taken by fear, yet there is no going back after a chemo infusion.

Cancer patients rarely have an autopsy of course, after all, who wants to put a body through that they say....I wonder what the real cause of deaths would be if autopsies were carried out?

Get informed and don't act out of fear.

As Philip Day (Health Journalist) writes....Cancer, why are we still dying to know the truth?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Good Health Needs Effort and Sometimes an Innovative Approach

April seems to have flashed by in an instance and here we are in May.

It is national walking month here in the UK and there are so many beautiful walks.  In much need of getting my own legs going, I took myself off to Paxton Pits,which if you have never been and live near by, is well worth a visit, especially at this time of year where the cormorants are nesting. It has the biggest inland colony of cormorants in the UK and watching them sweep across the lakes carrying huge sticks for nesting is a joy.

Watching them do what they do without an architect or planning permission and not bound by the man made rules and social nonsense makes you envy them their freedom. I'm guessing there is no 'jobs worth' cormorant giving instructions!.so having done the flat walk of the reserve and woods, the legs needed a hill and so of to Sandy.  Where half way up the winding hill to the Hill fort, I met an 83 year old on her way down, which obviously meant she had done the worst of the slow steep climb in the other direction. I was more the impressed, she looked slightly concerned but it was all down hill for her walk wise.  It is no mean feat if you take the steep path way which she had....if at 83 i still have the will to do it, i'd be pleased. The view is worth the climb and the reward of the cuckoo at the top was certainly a bonus. My first one in spring. Having watched the cormorants nest build, this hill was once home to an Iron age fort and with various info boards showing how they lived and built there homes.....well we have just learnt how to complicate matters with so called progress.  They were true environmentalists without having to invent how to do it.

It's never far from my thoughts that at the basis of enjoying life is good health, it is certainly true that without it,life is much more difficult and I'm sure that 83 year old enjoyed excellent health to have the desire to do it. All of which leads me on to Patrick Kingsley's talk.

We were delighted to have Patrick come and speak to our group in Cambridge
I'm sure those that attended would agree what a font of knowledge and more importantly the practical experience to back it up, he is.  As some of you said after, you could listen to him for ages.  I don't think i have ever heard Patrick speak, where he finishes before his time.  

He focused of course mostly on cancer and touches slightly on MS.  I think he would be great to ask him back in the future to cover other aspects of health.  If any of you purchased a copy of the New Medicine book, you'll find it an excellent read and a generous sharing of knowledge.

He was a head of his time in many ways and you wonder just who will be the maverick doctors of our day...they are few and far between of course.

Yet still the 'free' treatment that is the prescribed route for NHS patients with a cancer diagnosis is based in the dark corners of 1939...we have technically not moved on from that time...the format is now 75 years old and we call it modern medicine!  It is only the drugs that have changed but the format remains the same - yet the problem is worse than ever.
Health shouldn't be dictated by influential financial lobbying!

Interesting article in the Times and the Telegraph today on Lord Saatchi's bill to allow Dr's to be less tied to these conventional approaches and this appalling act. It seems a large study has been carried out on the public to see if there is an appetite for this and it seems there is - well what a surprise!  It's good to know the general public would like a more innovative approach to health as the reality is what they have isn't always the best of what's out there.  

According to Andy Lewis from the quackometer website, he thinks this will open the door to charlatans etc - clearly the guy thinks doctors need laws to apply thought!  Or that we have medicine according to Andy Lewis and our health remains in the hands of the closed minded.........

A talk i really recommend  is called Survive and Thrive and delivered by health journalist Philip Day.  There are 2 dates near us. The first is Saturday 5th July 10.30-4.30 in Norwich at the Holiday Inn, Cromer Road. Norwich or the other one is slightly nearer at the Suffolk Golf and Spa Hotel, Fornham St Genevieve, Bury St Edmunds -  on the 6th July 10.30-4.30.  The cost being £25 if booked in advance. Details on the website  and click on events.  

Well worth it and will stir the health passions i'm sure.  If you check out the website, you'll find a date for a talk near you.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Have You Got Your Statins Yet?

Recently we had yet another story on Statins and how millions more need to take them.

Is this really right?  Surely the question should be why do doctors believe more are at risk from heart problems?  What is going on to get to that stage?  and How can we reverse that?

The tests can be devised to show what they like, the range that indicates the so called need for statins can be set to 'sell' more drugs.   I think we need to stop being naive about the behind the scenes health decisions that get taken on our behalf and then applied to us.  Flawed studies, as the clips below will show.

The number of people that get blood tests and take the pills not knowing what the tests were for or what the pills are doing is frightening, yet the same people know exactly what the mechanic did for their car and what the problem was.  They will even give you a print out along with the bill.

May be we should start getting that print out from our Dr's.  A big rumpus at the moment about our medical data being shared with 'others'  Isn't it time it was shared with us!  Why don't we have access to our own medical records online or held within our hands...I digress....

How committed to good health is our government?  Why would they rather pay expensive drug costs for Statins rather than look at some of the major culprits of heart health and deal with it at cause?

Who pulls the government strings...we know there is no money in good health for certain companies, but our health is not part of a corporations profits and neither should our government be using our health in its corporation dealings.

Isn't it time that the government slapped a tax on high sugar foods and encouraged lower prices on veggie.  But if you go into any supermarket...the offers are rarely on vegetables, but the 2 for 1's are on biscuits, cereals, processed foods, high sugar foods.  What would the big suppliers of this food do,such as Nestle, if governments slapped higher taxes on this type of food.

Every budget sees a little more go on cigarettes and alcohol, but not enough to make them really prohibitive, just enough to take a bit more tax revenue from them.  The odd logic is to add a little more tax to help the NHS cope with the effects of them.....ugh!!!  So it's ok to have a sick population then and keep them just a little under optimum health...why?  remember no money in health for certain organisations....did we vote in a corporation or a government?....I digress again, but it is all linked.

We all know these are contributing factors in heart health.

Take the money that is being ploughed into drugs and plough into promoting health and helping people make good choices. Support the healthy food options with that money. Offering drugs like statins does nothing to alter the mindset.

We all need to eat...make the better choices cheaper.

The heart health story has laid all the blame on Cholesterol...cholesterol is only doing its job, if we have healthy arteries, cholesterol isn't needed to plug the gaps and cause plague in the arteries.

I have blogged on cholesterol and statins before but the best I've seen on this are contained in the links below.    Dr Sinatra   Integrative Cardiologist    Cholesterol – Johnny Bowden

Then just for balance, here is the BBC report

If nothing else, it will hopefully show how poor the science is in the tests we get. But also it might even start the right questions being asked when you are in the Dr's.

If a nurse or Dr tells you that you are a ticking time bomb if you don't take the statins....that is fear based medicine and that i'm going to write about later...the nocebo effect!  but it's amazing what people will do or take if a man or woman in a uniform or white coat tells you that you should and back that up with fear.....don't die of fright!