Monday, 25 February 2013

What a shock!

On the 6th of March, CICHealth (kick health) are putting on a 'Breast Health, Breast Cancer' event in a pleasant village just outside Cambridge UK.

It will bring together a Dr in Nutrition, a Thermographer and a Therapist who has successfully treated women with breast cancer.

I hoped that a local nurse would attend and demo a self examination of the breast routine for local women.

You would think this would be a great opportunity to help educate women in the care of their breasts.

After all, 1 in 3 women are likely to develop this condition, so we are told, and again you would expect your local surgeries to want to be involved in anything that could help women prevent this condition, detect it early and not cause an increased problem in the detection of it.

Well having asked one nurse who then agreed if there was payment, I then went to 2 other surgeries. 1 nurse couldn't as not available, and felt the rest of the team were not experienced enough???

I then went to our largest village surgery but 4 days on have not heard - still hoping though!

I then asked if these surgeries would display a poster about the event.

Given these are centres for health, unless the words 'Health Centre' mean something else, the receptionists came back with the same reply....'I can ask, but we don't tend to do it'

So i said ''what even when it is for the improvement in health knowledge''

But the reply was the same.  It was the same result on a conference on Women's Health a few years back, having approached all the surgeries and asked all the doctors - nothing!!

So just how 'health centred' are our health centres and how narrow minded are they - increasingly out of step with the general public.

Of course i could pick up a leaflet on whooping cough vaccinations in pregnancy, totally encouraging this vaccine to pregnant mothers and promoting the flu vaccine within the same literature.

So it is safe to give a virus that has been lab altered to the body, when less than 18 years ago, when i has my son, midwives were stressing to take nothing, not even a paracetamol!! In case it should have an impact on the unborn baby and yet suddenly we can vaccinate mothers-to-be with all sorts now.

Has there been a comprehensive study done, would that be ethical even? Could you have a control group that hasn't had the vaccine - you would then have to wait for the births and babyhood to pass to see if prevention had occurred - of course it is hard to prove or disprove  a negative,

Either way, this info is able to be displayed but health info external of the patriarchal NHS can not.

So all the answers for health are not in one 'Health Centre'

I can't tell you how disappointed I feel in our health workers, here is an opportunity to reach local women on a level of education and support for a condition that is on the increase, but it has failed to take an opportunity to be part of something local.

With one week to go, I hope that I can be proved wrong and a nurse will step forward, but i suspect if a poster can't be displayed, a nurse won't be allowed to attend.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Restrictions on Health but Be free to Increase Your Debt!

The ever increasing adverts on uk tv for loans etc is a sign of the times.

Yes you can seemingly borrow £500 ++, straight away and there at the bottom of the screen is the all important pay back terms of 4000% !!

These ads are mostly on during the day and of course play into the hands of those unfortunate to be out of work and of course perhaps in most need of that extra bit of money.

They prey on the vulnerable and increase the debt of those weakest at that point in time.

So why are these ads allowed?  Free market economy? consumer choice? Useful government phrases that are held up as a reason why these big companies behind these loan schemes are allowed to exploit vulnerable people.

So let us apply those same rules of the free market or consumer choice to what is going on with the food laws and restrictions on herbal medicines and natural health products that we could well be facing in the coming years.

Codex Alimentarius (food code)  operates under the guise of a free market economy and consumer protection.

What is it going to lead to?  A fundamental right and freedom restriction as we lose our access to natural, nutritious food and nutrients. Plus the draconian rules that will prevent access to so many herbal, Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic health supplements.

You will no longer have the choice you have of how to treat yourself with supplements.

So what kind of society is this that will allow you to be exploited by loan sharks on national tv, but will not allow you to have the choice of nutritional food and supplements!

For extremely good information on codex alimentarius go to

No point me re inventing the wheel that Rob Verkerk of the Alliance for Natural Health puts so clearly and concisely in search of the truth.  look up his site and then ask yourself what kind of society we want!

2013 and still the greed, poverty and racism.

Do you ever wonder what kind of society we are becoming?

I often find myself staring up at the stars and realising just how alone we are on this planet.
If we are ever in serious trouble as a planet, then our neighbours are a very long way off and no one is coming to save us!

Who is it we need saving from?  Oh my goodness, isn't it awful that our biggest threat is from each other.
Now of course i don't mean that individually we are are going to be attacking the next individual, but what when greed takes over and groups of individuals want the lions share and the rest of us become pawns in their game.

The influence of big corporations over the individual is frightening.

The influence of the media over our thinking is terrifying.

I have heard too many times this week, views which have no place in a grown up society and are echoes of pre 1939.

Its odd that in a world where we have so much access to knowledge and perhaps are the best travelled we have ever been, that some still are happy to have their views formed by the press!

2013 and we are still exploiting nations, that some within those nations are happy to sup with the devil and exploit their own countrymen for individual greed rather than look to the bigger picture and decide that if they need to sell their countries resources, make it a sellers market and create the wealth that will benefit everyone.

The racist views that are banded about right now are poison to the ears. There is a view that here in the UK we are becoming over run!!  well yesterday i took a walk and met 4 people on that walk and a  small herd of alpacas!  If i had taken the same walk in Hong Kong or Taiwan, etc, I think i might have met a good few more.

I was told this week that we have children living in poverty in the UK.

I don't see the rubbish mounds of South America with children looking for food and things to sell in this country.

Our perspective of poverty and over crowded is somewhat different to that where true poverty exists.

Where true poverty exists, we in the west have helped to create it!

Every child here has a school place, they have the chance of education to get them out of poverty, support services to help them.

How come we have so much access to life around the world and yet we fail to compare our lives with the same yard stick.

We have people in difficult living conditions compared to others in the same country, but compare those to other parts of the world and the picture looks different.

It is sheer accident of birth where we are born and what our experience is, yet the idea that a country belongs to 'us'  is really absurd. We are all on the same planet and a very long way from our neighbours, if we have any at all.

We need big picture thinking and not the narrow minded views that play right in the hands of those that would like to see us at each others throats and exploiting each other over for a quick buck!

2013 - surely time to grow up as a world nation.

I don't want to hear the 'Daily Mail' rhetoric. The view that soon we will be over run and English will not be the first language in the UK - who said it had to be? What are these invisible barriers we put up.

Who said French had to be the first language in France.

Man made rules - made by which man?  Nature has it right, we get it badly wrong.

We are and should be a diverse world with a moving population. I think no matter who you are or where you are as long as you are an active contributing member of the global society and working from a selfless perspective we might be able to raise the vibration of us all and start to realise how connected we are and that we do only have each other.

7 billion people with a link, is better than 7 billion people set against each other.

That might suit those that make money out of conflict or those that wish to take control, but is that the world you want to live in.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Vaccinations - how many do you want?

Every so often a serious of events comes together and you find the coincidence intriguing.

Perhaps some of you saw the Richard Dimbleby lecture last week, on the BBC.  This years speaker was Bill Gates of that all invasive Microsoft company, a small little concern, I'm sure you have heard of.

I couldn't watch it at the time as I wasn't sure if my stomach could take it, so I watched it on the good old I-player, knowing I could stop it at any time and rant at the screen a bit...there, that gives you all a strange insight into my life!!  

Well Mr Gates clearly didn't disappoint and his talk on the generosity of the Melinda and Bill Gates foundation on the vaccination programme to rid the world of Polio, well Africa at least, raised the blood pressure!  If you want to watch it, I'm sure it is still on I-Player. 

As i sat typing this morning, I had Woman's Hour on Radio 4, in the background with a report from Ghana, as it is the 25th anniversary of Red Nose Day, The reporter is out there in a vaccination clinic.....Set up by GAVI,  Do google them!

In the report, she talks to this nurse who has just vaccinated a little 3month old with a 5:1 jab,plus pneumonia, plus rotavirus....A 3 month old baby, now with 7 major diseases in his body, in a way they would never occur or enter the body and no mature immune system to deal with them....The reporters response....'brilliant!' she said....

My response.....blood pressure now through the roof.

Then into my inbox comes a voice of sanity - just a pity we can't get it to the masses in Ghana and surrounding countries

Phillip Day on Vaccines......It lasts just 6 mins and worth every second.

Aren't we lucky that with the help of microsoft, we can google for the truth.....while those less so, have the head of microsoft saving them!!!

One thing i will just say about the Polio vaccine, the biggest outbreaks have been in the vaccinated and the risk of contracting wild polio is O!

Click below to watch today's interview with health journlist Phillip Day who discusses the controversial topic of vaccines in the community.
In this video you'll discover:
  • Why some children might become permanently listless and disinterested when vaccinated.
  • The correlation between increased disease rates and the introduction of vaccinations.
  • Why every parent needs to make an informed decision when vaccinating themselves and their children.
  • The ingredients used in flu vaccines.
  • How and why some ingredients used in vaccinations can seriously harm you.
I think what ever ones views on vaccines and their safety, I would like to think they have been formed knowing both sides and the risks - not just the short effects, but the accumulation and long term effects in the body.  Only knowing all the facts can you arrive at an informed decision.

If we choose not to equip ourselves with the knowledge and only take the word of doctors, that is up to the individual, at least we have ways of doing that and we either choose to or not.
When we are making the decision for our children, as responsible parents, who would not want to make sure they have as much knowledge as possible.In the time it takes to watch some repeat on the bbc, you can google a lot of info.

Is it ok to not give everyone that chance to hear both sides before they say yes or no to vaccination.  

Once the shot is in, there is no going back!  

A client yesterday, suffering from the ill effects of a holiday vaccine, said she just assumed they were safe as the doctor gave them to her...............nothing to say to that!

The Polio Vaccine - Courtesy of the Gates Foundation

All week I have been considering blogging about Bill Gates and the Dimbleby lecture, he recently gave.

In it he talked about his foundations backing of the mass polio vaccination campaign for the lucky people in Africa.

How technology has allowed them to find settlements and seek out all those that want the vaccine.

I am sure there are many many people who must think this is just wonderful and what a philanthropic gesture this is.....I'm hoping that there are as equally as many if not more who might be viewing it with a bit more cynicism.  It would be even better if some were viewing it with the question on the safety of vaccines and what might be the result of this.

Some of the worst outbreaks of polio recently have been in the vaccinated, like many outbreaks of illness that we vaccinate for.

In a sense, I am hoping that the need to put the other side of this is not necessary and that the world wide public are starting to see things differently.

The drug company making this vaccine, whose name i'm not giving credence to by including it, must be laughing all the way to the bank!

And what of the people who receive the joyous news that they are to get this vaccine, do they get the full facts? do they get to hear about the vaccines problems, do they get to hear of the side effects, the adjuvents within it, have they been shown ALL the studies....

Of course not, do any of us?  At least we can google it and find our for ourselves if we want to take a vaccine, even if the Dr is less than forthcoming.

This seems like a mass vaccine programme sold as salvation.  If those receiving it have not been given the FULL facts, why not? and then it looks less philanthropic, at best naive, but I'm sure the multi billionaire Mr Bill Gates, is far from that!