Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Do the Best for Your Breasts!

If you could find a way of helping to keep breast tissue healthy why wouldn't you do it.

Do you want to be the next person discussing the wig you might need when the chemotherapy takes a hold?

That is the reality for many women today, but what if you could do something to make that risk as small or may be even as non existant as possible?

'If breast tissue ifs healthy then by definition it can not become unhealthy at the same time' so says David Stevens

In fact it won't just be the breast tissue that is healthy, you can't improve the health of one part of the body without enjoying the benefits of health improvements all over - that is how the body works.

It doesn't divide up into specialist clinics, only hospitals do that!

David Stevens has just launched his new booklet that will inform us how we can achieve healthy breast tissue.

The title of this book.......'Every Woman's Guide to Vital Breast Health'

Why wait for a problem to occur, if you can start to do something that creates and helps maintain healthy breast tissue - what stops you?

There are no medicines or supplements involved, nothing that is going to cost you money month after month, in fact some women have found that they have saved money.....

You don't have to live in fear that disease may occur in the breasts, you can be active in doing your best for your breasts! and aim for healthy breast tissue!

If genetically you have been told that you are more prone to breast problems, then this is the book for you!

You will find all you need to know in this inexpensive book, that might just make all the difference to your health now and in the future

Do the Best for Your Breasts!

Janey Lee Grace loves this book too, check out 'Janey Loves' at and enter the competition to win a copy or go direct to and buy it for yourself  It could be the best £7.95 you ever spend on yourself or for a friend!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Crystal Therapy

Crystals have always been a little on the edge for me in terms of being a way to treat the body.
I love them but only as the wonderful stones they are, beautiful to look at and hold.
But a few weeks back i went for a taster session of a crystal healing with a therapist i  know and was so surprised at the subtleness of the shift in energy and how that made me feel.

I decided to go along and have a full treatment and now have had 2 full sessions. It is amazing to me just what is picked up as my therapist dowsed for the right crystal and where my blocks were etc.

She picked up on my throat as being blocked and true enough there were things i needed to say and  didn't have the courage or create the opportunity to 'speak my truth'

The thoraic area had 'breaks' in it and this was an area that has been giving me a lot of trouble, but again, the therapist wasn't aware of that , but had determined it by the dowsing and crystals

It has certainly made me change my mind on the effects of such things and although I'm sure many who are aware of this already must wonder how others don't experience it, i guess we all come to diferent things at different times when our bodies need them.

A delightful way to spend an hour and come away feeling a little more connected and slightly 'de fragged'
A really good cleanse.

Later that day, i found my expresssion and was able to say what had been troubling me all week. Coincidence...I think not as i don't believe in coincidence in any way.