Friday, 20 July 2012

Gardasil - Should Your Daughters Have It?

At our last local therapists meeting, our speaker came to talk about homeopathy and vaccinations. She has worked a lot with children who have experienced a range of side effects since their vaccines. During the discussion afterwards we went on to talk about Gardasil, the vaccine to 'protect' against cervical cancer and that this is due to replace the Cervarix currently used in the UK.

I was asked after to pen some of the opposing data together and send it to one of the mums in our group so as she had something to pass on to other mothers.

She showed me the forms that the school had sent out to all parents of young girls ahead of this Septembers vaccination programme and within that was a link to an NHS site that had all the information on Gardasil and the HPV virus etc....well i say all the information, in fact it had the desired information!  There was a list of some 68 comments, mostly from concerned parents, who had written about the adverse reactions to the Cervarix vaccines their daughters had experienced, other comments from people worried they had not had the vaccine when they were young, others declaring their suspicion of it etc etc.

So i decided i would post the comment that is below, despite the fact that the comments from parents already would have been enough to deter me from considering it for my child, my comment was a step to far for the NHS site as later that morning my inbox had a mail from that site thanking me for my posting but it had been removed as it actively discouraged people from following the evidence based approach of taking the vaccine.

Well i challenge the evidence base for this, as this is a vaccine given to young girls who are to young for to be used in the 'clinical trial' so adult dosages have to be adjusted, as with all medicines for children.
What i have written is also evidence based and published!  Just because the evidence doesn't fit what the NHS want to show, it's still exists and should be considered by parents when making a decision that could effect their childs health.

So below is the article that the NHS removed.

How harmless is the Gardasil vaccine? And has it actually been proven to prevent cervical cancer?
The HPV vaccine only protects against TWO strains of HPV associated with cancer but there are MORE THAN 100 different strains of HPV in all. I recognise that it is also supposed to cover genital warts.
Dr. Diane Harper, one of the lead researchers for Gardasil blew the whistle on the vaccine, saying the available data suggests the HPV vaccine's protective effects do not last beyond five years. (we should then question the age at which this vaccine is given as hopefully these young girls are not sexually active at 13 – if so that is a reason for better education not vaccination)
The VAERS database continues to swell with reports of autoimmune disorders contracted after receiving the HPV vaccine. These side effects now include 137 reports of cervical dysplasia, and 41 reports of cervical cancer.
HPV infection clears up on its own within two years in 90 percent of all cases. It rarely leads to cervical cancer unless the infection becomes chronic and leads to cervical changes that remain untreated. Routine pap smear testing can identify chronic HPV infection and may provide greater protection against development of cervical cancer than reliance on an HPV vaccine that has not been adequately proven to be safe or effective.

Symptoms that have developed since vaccination

Bell's Palsy and Guillan-Barre syndrome,Seizures. Cervical dysplasia, and cervical cancer
Blood clotting and heart problems, including cardiac arrest          
Miscarriages and foetal abnormalities amongst pregnant women who received the vaccine
Sudden death.

What effect will the vaccine have on the other cancer-causing strains of HPV? Nature never leaves a void, so if HPV-16 and HPV-18 are suppressed by an effective vaccine, other strains of the virus could take their place. The question is, will these strains cause cervical cancer? Results from clinical trials are not encouraging. Vaccinated women show an increased number of precancerous lesions caused by strains of HPV other than HPV-16 and HPV-18. "

Andreas Moritz book ‘Vaccine-nation. Poisoning the nation, one shot at a time’ Accepting that the author is clearly not a supporter of vaccinations, he does go on to quote data.
In it he states the most recent figures and the back ground behind the vaccine.

This vaccine has been used in the states since 2008 and developed by Merck who were a substantial contributor to Rick Perry’s political campaign….no prizes for guessing who then ordered that all teenage girls within his state should be given the Gardasil vaccine…. Rick Perry was the governor for Texas at the time.
Should vaccine programmes come about due to political campaigning?
Are we in this country  ignoring the problems that this vaccine has caused in the US and India etc and are quite prepared to just introduce it here.
Deaths from Gardasil or any vaccine or medication are not a statistic if it is your child, it is not a low %, it is total!
Let us not even go as far as death. Illness and autoimmune problems, which so often remain a problem for years to come, are also total in the person that they afflict.

People don’t contract illness in %, it is all or nothing, why risk something through vaccination that is not essential to health and can in fact be the very opposite.
To quote the figures from Andreas Moritz book, up to 1/9/2009, 26million doses of this vaccine had been given in the states….nice profit for Merck!

So what have been the results…15,000 reports of adverse effects, 7% deemed serious.
In the short period in which it has been approved the vaccine has been linked to the deaths of women who died within hours of having the vaccine, it has also been linked to miscarriages in women, blood clots and strokes and linked to the Guillain Barr Syndrome.

Some public interest groups have evidence to show the Gardasil is linked to the deaths of 18 women, 11 of which were within a week of vaccination.
In the Canadian Medical Association Journal of 2009 researchers in Australia showed a significant rise in allergic responses and anaphylaxis is women that had been vaccinated with Gardasil.
It was in July 2009 that the US government finally gave a warning that there were 400times more adverse effects with the Gardasil vaccine than the anti-meningitis vaccine given at the same age.

September 28 2010 – VAERS Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, now has more than 18,000 Gardasil related adverse effects and deaths now at 65, so increasing all the time.
These are only the reported cases which are usually only 1 in 10 of all cases, so the real/true figure could be much higher.
The US government report now wants to know how this vaccine was fast tracked and of course only tested on adult women so what moral right did Governor Perry have to mandate the compulsory vaccine for children??
Luckily we don’t have compulsory vaccines here.  Merck make $400 dollars a shot! ‘Independent research shows that HPV naturally leaves the body within 2 years of infection in 70-90% of cases. If the human system can naturally eject the virus and protect the body from future attacks – why do women need a vaccine against HPV in the first place?’ quote from Andreas Moritz.
Clearly all data on this has come from the states. Has the UK examined this independently before coming to the conclusion to use the Gardasil vaccine?

Here is the NHS link