Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Cancer Convention - how its progressing.

I spent the day with my colleague working on the Cancer Convention 2012 here in our home town of Cambridge. We are just under a year away and have some wonderful speakers who have agreed to come and enlighten those that attend to the work that they are carrying out on cancer.  Treatments that look to treat it without the horrific side effects of the traditional options that the majority of the populus are subjected to

These are Dr and Professors that are putting forward safe and innovative ways of treating cancer, but not only treating cancer, how we can change the body environment to not develop it in the first place or to take away the 'ideal' living conditions for cancer cells to survive.

Yesterday we spoke to some great people who want to see this convention succeed and help promote health supporting ways of treating cancer.

So much so that we are thinking of extending the conference to 2 days.

For too long people have been putting their trust in the chemotherapy and radiotherapy and then having to endure an operation if they are fit enough to cope with it.

Those of you who kindly follow my blog will know that my passion in this area has stemmed from the all too early death of my sister this year, that despite having me on her shoulder and encouraging health giving approaches to cancer treatment, still felt the enormous pressure to take the chemo route, only for that to be a major factor in hastening her death.

So what is it within the majority of people that feel it is their only option?  Perhaps if the real stats were shown, then they would think again.

It is worth knowing what is available before a problem strikes so you are not searching for a cure in a panic mode, with doctors telling you everyday you defer from there treatment, the cancer is taking a greater hold.

Well find out what is on offer and just how these ways can treat cancer more effectively than the cut/burn and poison you could be subjected to.

With cancer ever on the increase in younger people and those of us in our middle years, we have to look at what is suppressing our immune system so much that our natural killer cells are not doing their job

The increase in breast cancer and lung cancer in particular.  It can't all be down to smoking either. If that was the case then all smokers would get lung cancer and we all know people in the 80's and 90's who have smoked since they were youngsters and never develop cancer, it has to be more than just causal in that way.

What about the other suppressors to our immune system that we inflict on ourselves.

Stress is another factor, well are we really under stress any more than other generations.

I consider that there can be no higher stress level than living through a war, and never knowing whether you would be bombed, or loved ones killed or that your young children would ever see their father again, let alone trying to feed a family on meagre rations.

All within very different living conditions than we do now, and with very few people having a 'cushion' to fall back on.

So may be we need to stop blaming things and situations and start look at the living conditions that 'house' our very life.  Look at the body, start to listen to it. Work with it and not against it.

Modern medicine is more and more disinfranchised from health and from the real workings of the body.

Going back to nature and the naturopathic principles of healing have to be best and when these are applied cleverly to treatments, wonderful healing takes place.

With all our speakers, there innovative ways and approaches to cancer are showing great results, with out the side effects that are so often worse than the disease and more likely to contribute to the demise of the body.

Keep you eye on the website for further developments.

Friday, 21 October 2011

The Statin Myth

If you could come up with a drug that was deemed to be preventative, you surely are in the money!
After all you can't prove a negative!  If you take it and you didn't need it, you would never know. If you don't take it and something happens, it might have happened anyway or it might not! You won't know that either!
So what ever you take you need to know that it will do what it says and it is the right drug to help the right problem!

No one over the age of 50 can have failed to recognise the love of statins by their local GP surgeries. You get your cholesterol test and if that level shows anything above 5 or in some cases above 4, then in comes that good old fear based agenda....'You could be in danger of a heart attack if you don't get the level down, but don't worry, we can put you on statins and that will protect your heart from cholesterol'

For diabetics they like it under 3!

You might get told that your 'bad cholesterol' or LDL  is to high or your 'good cholesterol' HDL is too low etc and so you need Statins.

If you look up any basic Anatomy and Physiology book or even google it, you will see that LDL and HDL are not Cholesterol. LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein)  HDL )High Density Lipoprotein   Both are protein and not cholesterol.

Has your doctor taken leave of his senses and why doesn't he know that? Well of course they do, but you need an advertising tag and so they proliferate the advertising nonsense!  But why?

I'm not sure why the ASA, advertising standards agency haven't jumped on this ages ago!

There is no such thing as good and bad cholesterol.  Cholesterol is made in your liver and you need it for the making hormones (steroidal hormones) and for making cell walls.

Hardly insignificant then and the body doesn't make things for nothing. So if you are under the belief that cholesterol is your enemy, why would the liver make something that is going to kill you?  That is not logical.

If you don't have cholesterol in the body, there is nothing to generate healthy hormones or repair and replace cell walls.  All cell walls!  Without sufficient cholesterol they become weak and allow infection and disease in.

So for those diabetics that are being told cholesterol should be 3, then that has a serious consequence. Diabetics often have a problem healing and hence have chiropody on the NHS to stop problems in the feet where cuts and infection could be serious, as circuation is affected by diabetes. So with invariably weaker cell walls due to reduced cholesterol, this is by far from a clever scenario for your average diabetic.

So far from preventing a problem, statins could be creating a bigger problem for you.

It isn't lowering cholesterol that is the issue, it is the size of the LDL particles that can be a problem

So LDL, takes cholesterol to the cells for repair and renewal, if the size of the particles are too small then they block the holes where nutrients pass through and cause a problem. you need large particles in you LDL and this keeps movement flowing.  where there is movement, there is lfe, where things get stuck, they become prone to becoming rancid and oxidising and that gives problems.
So Statins don't reduce the size of the particles in the LDL, only the type of food you eat can do that. Statins reduce the all important Cholesterol.  Just what you don't need to happen.

People are being misprescribed and mislead by what a statin will do.

We have what Dr's and advertisers like to call 'Good Cholesterol' and that is HDL. HDL transports protein away from cells. so they like to show this one as good, but the only reason it takes it away, is so that it can return it back to the liver and it can be recycled!

Why would a body have a mechanism for recycling something that is supposed to be harmful to us.

There is no logic there what so ever.

It recylces substances it knows are crucial to maintain good health and that it continually needs, so by recycling it, the body is being efficient and not wasting any of this essential substance.....Still want to take a Statin?

Well we need large particles in our LDL. That is only possible by the food you eat!  sorry folks no magic quick fix pill.

That statin could be and is showing in fact, weakening the body.

Why should you be fed a complete untruth as to what a statin does and what actually cholesterol does.

No money for any drug company in your change of dietary habits. Do you think they really care about your health?

This information is so available for people either through a good text book or via the internet. We just need to wise up on what we are being asked to take and exactly what for. Just because a Dr says so. it doesn't make it right.  Are they getting their info from the advertisers who want to sell you products based on Good Cholesterol!  The ASA should stamp on it!  No, they are being given the line by drug companies perhaps.  Or are they all hand in hand?

Don't let the medical profession treat you as an idiot and feed you nonsense., so they can rake in the bucks.

Learn about your own body and you are less likely to be mis prescribed and mislead!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Vitamin Debate Rumbles on, Now Some People are Scared to Take Them!

I see a comment from a woman who stopped taking every vitamin but the calcium. That must be because the survey showed it was ok? Look, this survey followed women who self administered and self recorded what they took, well how many did that religiously everyday or as human nature is, how many forgot for days on end to record it down and then have to guess back what they took
I have known people who agree to these surveys, completely forget for weeks and then make it up!
that unfortuntely is human nature, so if that isn't a big enough question mark over this study, what about this...
For most people to spend money on vitamins, they might first be thinking their bodies need it, that could be because of an underlying illness or problem. We don't know if these women were all perfectly healthy specimens and i doubt they all were, given the length of this survey.
They probably took only the RDA, recommended daily allowance, which as i said is really just enough to keep you alive, not make you well - 2 very different things!
Most people have not a clue what strength they can safely go to with vitamins, and would dare not exceed that RDA! Just in case!
If the RDA make expensive urine as the Dr says, what about the hormone filled urine from the contraceptive pill etc If the doctor is under the belief that these vitamins are just being urinated out of the body, then the body is getting rid of what it doesn't need and not building up causing problems, as many allopathic medicines do.

Dr's can't have the argument all ways!
Lets have proper RDA's and not these very low RDA's that will be ineffective against major problems but then allow medics and pharma to declare vitamins to be ineffective.
If vitamins were administered at true therapeutic levels, i'm sure these flawed results would be very different.
If nothing else, watch 'Food Matters - the movie' you will see just what amazing things can happen to the body when the dose is high enough to do good.
These guys were treating cancer with mega high doses of Vit C and the cancers were going, with the only side effect of a slightly mussy head and isn't that better than chemo where you will lose your hair, weight, your healthy cells, have nausea etc etc and possibly die from the effects of it, like my sister!
So if you still think that vitamins are at best useless and at worst, harmfull, follow the research of those that study them properly and not a doctor who has less than a half day training on nutrition in the UK. You wouldn't trust your dentist if he only attended 1 afternoon of his training and expect him to be an expert. 

You wouldn't even trust your car to a mechanic who attended a half days training, so why would you put your nutritional health into the hands of someone with a similar level of training.

A quick glance around a hospital will show you that health and nutrition don't share a ward! or we wouldn't have some long term patients leave hospital malnourished!
We live in a world with info at our fingertips yet we don't research the important stuff in life and blindly follow the ignorant!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lets see the actual proof that Vitamins and Supplements cause earlier deaths. Is there a coroner that found the death was due to vitamins or supplements?

This week has seen 2 major studies emerge on vitamins and supplements, odd as it follows a week of the free viewing of 'Food Matters - The movie', which looked at the benefits of high strength vitamins to the body.  The Movie was via and was worth an hour of anyones time. Scientific evidence to show just how therapeutic doses are perfect for healing the body, not a measure of RDA's too low to be of use.
You may still find a link to that video site, via Mercola
But there seems to be flaws in these studies, and no data I can see on the strength of the vitamins taken, what else was going on in the lives of those taking part. Were there underlying conditions in health that these folks thought they needed vitamin supplements. In which case higher therapeutic doses would have been needed to be of benefit. The quality of the supplement is crucial just as an inferior generic drug is not as good very often as the original patent ones!
There have been no proven deaths to vitamins reported but there are plenty that traditional medicine are cited as responsible for! The cancer industry alone is worth 10x that of the vitamin industry and I'm sure the whole pharmaceutical industry combined exceeds that 10fold and some
So if a 'scientific' study is needed on supplements, then at least make it 'scientific' and not another scaremongering version - it's a little desperate!
Vast difference in taking the RDA, which is enough to keep you 'alive' but not to restore good health where it is lacking.  Here you need more to get it to be where it should and then some! 
Should you take a Dr's advice on vitamins and supplements Well ask yourself or them in fact just how much time they spent learning about nutrition when they trained....would you visit a dentist who did a days training or less to get your teeth fixed....i doubt it, so why ask a Dr about nutrition?
Shameful, as they should know, but anyone who has ever visited someone in hospital will clearly know that good nutriton and health recovery are not bedfellows in any of the wards.

Why did the BBC have Dr Rosemary Leonard speaking on vitamins and not a nutrionist? Bias where there should be a balanced view, which is very likely not going to come from a doctor.

We are what we eat and unfortunately what we eat is so very often of poor quality and subject to many pesticides etc and our soil increasingly nutrient poor, that what we eat, may be is what we do not want to be, so supplements and vitamins are probably essential to many of us.

While organic food is more expensive and families feeling the ever increasing cost of food, we are not giving people much option to eat the best of organics, neither do supplements come cheap, but what price your health?
We would often pay anything to restore good health and with good nutrition to start with, the payout could be considerably less and the health considerably better.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Vaccinations and the Fear that Drives Parents to Them!

Yesterday I met a woman whose son i had previously treated for multiple allergies. Her son had many intolerances and the cause of which was many of his childhood vaccinations.

As soon as i treated the immune system to strengthen it for the vaccinations, his allergies started to go and he has remained clear of all but the allergy for oats, which is obviously still needed by the body.

The parents knew that the vaccines had been the cause, but when the invite for this little boy to go to the surgery for his pre school boosters came, they didn't know what to do. Firstly the mother told me that she thought she wouldn't take him, then she felt she would leave it to fate to decide and if the next letter arrived they would take him.

Well surprise surprise a second letter arrived and this little 42month old child had a booster for MMR and the 5-1 vaccine, in fact the mother wasn't too sure what he had.

But this little boys body was given 8 vaccines in one go!

When ever would a body under normal circumstances, contract, measles, mumps and rubella along with meningitis, polio, tetanus etc etc etc all in one go!

But somehow it is deemed ok to give them all in one shot.

At least it is only 2 doses of the awful adjuvants that go into vaccine to force the body into doing something with them, but that is a small price to pay! No vaccines, no adjuvants!

It is not the parents i blame here, but the enormous pressure that is put on parents to conform and the lies that are told to them about vaccines and there safety.

If they are so safe and full of wholesome ingredients, then list them and let the parents know what they are.

After all, a child is the most prescious gift you are ever given temporary care off, and yet look at what we do to our small babies and infants with all the vaccines heading there way.

If you saw your child with 8 needles going into its arm, i'm sure no parent would allow it to happen

We are probably setting up all sorts of problems for our children, as we are directed to do what the NHS/Government want, and they use the foulest of tactics...Fear!

No medicine and decision on health should be made on fear and no organisation should use fear based psychology to manipulate the populus and play on their emotions.

In this day of age where we have so many ways of gaining information, why are parents not looking at this with as much interest as they would if they were buying a car!

You buy a car, or a house or other costly purchase, you read about it, gain as much info as you can, yet it is still just an object. Yet for our children, we need to see all the arguments for and against the vaccines.

Both involve money being handed over to a large organisation, just with the vaccines we don't see it.

Time for parents to start demanding to see the information sheet that should come with the vaccines

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Do the Best for Your Breasts!

If you could find a way of helping to keep breast tissue healthy why wouldn't you do it.

Do you want to be the next person discussing the wig you might need when the chemotherapy takes a hold?

That is the reality for many women today, but what if you could do something to make that risk as small or may be even as non existant as possible?

'If breast tissue ifs healthy then by definition it can not become unhealthy at the same time' so says David Stevens

In fact it won't just be the breast tissue that is healthy, you can't improve the health of one part of the body without enjoying the benefits of health improvements all over - that is how the body works.

It doesn't divide up into specialist clinics, only hospitals do that!

David Stevens has just launched his new booklet that will inform us how we can achieve healthy breast tissue.

The title of this book.......'Every Woman's Guide to Vital Breast Health'

Why wait for a problem to occur, if you can start to do something that creates and helps maintain healthy breast tissue - what stops you?

There are no medicines or supplements involved, nothing that is going to cost you money month after month, in fact some women have found that they have saved money.....

You don't have to live in fear that disease may occur in the breasts, you can be active in doing your best for your breasts! and aim for healthy breast tissue!

If genetically you have been told that you are more prone to breast problems, then this is the book for you!

You will find all you need to know in this inexpensive book, that might just make all the difference to your health now and in the future

Do the Best for Your Breasts!

Janey Lee Grace loves this book too, check out 'Janey Loves' at and enter the competition to win a copy or go direct to and buy it for yourself  It could be the best £7.95 you ever spend on yourself or for a friend!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Crystal Therapy

Crystals have always been a little on the edge for me in terms of being a way to treat the body.
I love them but only as the wonderful stones they are, beautiful to look at and hold.
But a few weeks back i went for a taster session of a crystal healing with a therapist i  know and was so surprised at the subtleness of the shift in energy and how that made me feel.

I decided to go along and have a full treatment and now have had 2 full sessions. It is amazing to me just what is picked up as my therapist dowsed for the right crystal and where my blocks were etc.

She picked up on my throat as being blocked and true enough there were things i needed to say and  didn't have the courage or create the opportunity to 'speak my truth'

The thoraic area had 'breaks' in it and this was an area that has been giving me a lot of trouble, but again, the therapist wasn't aware of that , but had determined it by the dowsing and crystals

It has certainly made me change my mind on the effects of such things and although I'm sure many who are aware of this already must wonder how others don't experience it, i guess we all come to diferent things at different times when our bodies need them.

A delightful way to spend an hour and come away feeling a little more connected and slightly 'de fragged'
A really good cleanse.

Later that day, i found my expresssion and was able to say what had been troubling me all week. Coincidence...I think not as i don't believe in coincidence in any way.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Cancer, The sadness of losing a sister! But can we afford the cure?

I haven't been able to blog lately.

Last time I blogged it was about my sister and the news that she had terminal cancer.

Sadly she had 6 weeks from diagnosis and as a family lost a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend!

Given my background in complementary health and my despise of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it was very hard to accept that the fear that is so very present and sadly capitalised on, albeit without intention, drives a person and in this case, my sister, to opt for chemotherapy.

It was offered on the basis that it may extend her life by months, sadly it went very wrong immediately, and my sister went from walking into the hospital to have her chemo, and being told how well she looked, to the very next day, bedridden and at deaths door!

I spent that night and the next with her in hospital,alongside her husband, while she had scans to see what went wrong. The chemo had caused the tumour to bleed and filled her lungs. I was told by the oncology doctor at 1.30am after an emergency scan, it was rare for that to happen but can sometimes.....Rare? i wonder as less than 24hrs later i heard of exactly the same thing occuring to a man in hospital in kent.

When my sister was diagnosed with cancer in the lung and in 2 places in her spine, she was told there was nothing they could do.

At that point all hope seems to have been taken away and you are left with a poor prognosis.
Just because this hospital had nothing they could offer, to say there was nothing that could be done may be wrong.

It should be at that point that you are given encouragement to find what else is out there and family encouraged to look for hope and help.

It is not about false hope, but about some hope and after all, who has the right to say that your life will end and take hope away.

In the 2.5 weeks that followed the initial news of the extent of the condition, I used CKT to establish a programme of hydrotherapy, oxygen therapy, alkaline diet, the use of Vit C, hydrogen peroxide and homeopathy.

Everything indicated that my sister had a good chance of changing her fortunes. The testing machine used by a very capable homeopath who had seen success in his treatments of cancer patients, showed that with the right combination the body could change back the unhealthy cells to healthy cells. After all, there were still more healthy cells than unhealthy ones.

CKT confirmed this and during this time, my sister went home and managed, albeit taking things easy, but still managing trips to the theatre, and out for dinner, shopping etc. The hospital had agreed, much to my surprise, that she could have oxygen at home from BOC to help with the oxygen therapy. Of course it couldn't be written up for that purpose, but the doctor could see the logic behind it i guess.

That logic being that the vast amounts of cancers do not like oxygen rich bodies and that they do not thrive in alkaline states. As most of us have acid up bodies and shallow breathe, we give it prime conditions to develop!

Doing so well was perhaps to her detriment, as it was then decided to offer her chemotherapy as they thought her body could cope with it. Interesting that you have to be relatively well to have this!

My sister felt she had to try both options and couldn't risk putting all her eggs in to one basket, (the non medical route) as she said.

'Pity you chose a basket with a ruddy great big hole in it' - quote from her son, after the chemo had caused her massive problems.

She promised she would keep up all the other routines, but I knew her body would not have the strength or will after the chemo.

She asked me to use CKT to see if her body would benefit from Chemo and it was a firm no!, but she still felt that she couldn't risk not having the chemo.

It is so deep in our psyche, that these are the only options and we have to try them, never mind that they rarely work in the long term and the suffering caused by the radiotherapy and chemo is like torture in this day and age. That is what so many members of the public think they have to do for their best chance of survival.

Lets not forget, cancer is a business and look at how many jobs it supports and drug companies and subsequently shareholders etc that 'benefit' from this illness!  Where is the incentive to truly find a cure?

So ignoring all the advice from her body, my sister turned up for her chemo.......6 hours too early!! She was sent away. Could the universe send her a bigger signal? She  returned when she was told, 6 hours later. from that day she never really recovered.  Basically sent home to die!

But with the help of homeopathy, we used remedies to help begin to clear the chemo from her body and she never lost her hair! Hair that had been a signature for her. Known for her willingness to try a new style or some bold colour through it. None as bold as an electric blue streak she once had in her very dark hair - stunning!

Remember i said she was sent home to die, well she didn't do it in the time span that was felt, a matter of days if that!, but 3 weeks later. In that time the hospice at home nurses had their input and the encouragement to keep the morphine going in, despite her not being in pain!, was too much to watch...anger, oh yes!!

My other sister doesn't believe in any other approach other than the medical one and basically encouraged my sister to accept her fate, thinking acceptance is the best way. This, despite the medical establishment failing our sister  badly in the 2 years up to the cancer diagnosis!
This caused such trauma and unforgiveable in my eyes.

Her children and husband just wanting her to keep fighting, but the more morphine that goes in (unnecessarily) with what ever is used to dry up the fluids, basically dehydrating the body, of course the body ceases to cope and closes down!

I was so shocked to see how quickly the nurses wanted my sister to have the morphine, even suggesting it before any pain had been experienced. My sister wasn't taking mild pain relief at this point and nothing regularly, but i watched how they talked my sister into it...a vulnerable and scared person can be convinced of anything.  'better to have the morphine going in now so you don't feel the pain when it comes' was what one 'well meaning' nurse told her.....I mean do you take an aspirin just in case that day you get a headache?

So the body had no chance of doing what it need to do, as everything was beginning to be surpressed by morphine.

I was horrified at how much control over medication is left to one nurse in this home situation.....not the same had my sister been in a hospice environment i'm sure, where the monitoring and increasing of a drug is much deliberated on and not a set course of just doubling it up.

At one point, even a visiting GP thought the amount of morphine the nurses had given was too high and reduced it.  She was barely aware of anything, but when the effects of the morphine started to wear off she remembered that i had to go away for 2 day for work and where i had been. the morphine etc had her so sedated she couldn't have voiced her wishes even, but that night, they put it up again and added some. They used  the excuse she was distressed!

How could they establish my sister had 'capacity' in compliance with the 'mental capacity act' even?

A small point you might think....but one that is there to safe guard and was it followed in this situation?

If they established she was distressed then she had every right to be, but distress and pain are not the same. The distress isn't always due to pain, it is far more likely the entire circumstances and do we give morphine and sedatives to numb that?

I would be distressed if i had been given no hope and everything to hasten an end.

Interesting that when my sister first came home after the chemo disaster and she was anxious, a visiting GP was reluctant to give her anything of any real strengh to help the anxiety as it would exacerbate the lung condition and she would find it hard to breathe, yet so very quickly and with no change in her condition, a sedative was being given? 

My sister told me she was always careful to tell them (the nurses) she was having aches not pain!  Aches from having to lay in an awkward position, but that we could massage away. Pain is quite a different story.  So in those early stages, she was having morphine for aches!

Prior to the chemo,I pleaded with my sister to ask for another scan that day, as all that she had been doing would have had an effect, but she wouldn't. Convinced they would say no and wouldn't have time before the chemo....all to the good in my mind if she had to delay it, but she didn't want to do anything that delayed it.
The hospital based their chemo on a scan from a  few weeks back at that point. can that be right?

The saddest thing was, that when she fell so very ill after the very first dose of chemo, she told her husband and daughter, she made the wrong choice!  That breaks my heart! and as i type it, it rips at my stomach still!

We were with her when she died, her daughter, eldest son, husband and myself, plus a nurse who was far too accurate for comfort at the timing that night/early hours that my sister would die! Experience of body signs or experience of how the medication in the driver would work?

Well that is one question we will never know the answer to and for my sister, purely all academic.

All  the money that gets ploughed into cancer research....where does it go? It must be billions world wide, and yet still no cure???  When was the latest chemo drugs produced for general use? Certainly I don't think we can declare them to be 'state of the art'
Don't forget charities are a business too and how much of the money raised goes into keeping the charity going and all whose jobs and work rely on it.

Does the money only fund research into drugs? that case, we may as well  raise money for Pfizer of GSK or any of the other drug company. Would that get the money rolling in I wonder. Would you 'Race for life' if you knew the money may end up in a drug companies hands or is it better to ' Race for life' under 'Cancer Research' Is it or is it not the you know how it works?
Does it ever fund research into cancer treatments from a non drug approach...probably profit!  Where is the profit if we find that Hydrotherapy or Hyperthermia or Alkaline diets etc etc etc when put into a formal programme for someone, have the effects of reversing the results in a cancer stricken body?

Do we just expect medicine to be complicated or formed in a pill etc to work? If so we are just as much to blame for the system we have.

Of course if you have spent years qualifying as a doctor and you have entered that profession to heal. you have gone through a certain learning and indoctrination that after all that time, to question it would be questioning all you have ever done and impossible task perhaps to expect of anyone. Shame!

But if billions of pounds/dollars were put into any other business and not showing matching improvement....what would happen!

We assume all must be working to the ultimate cure....where is the incentive for the ulitmate cure?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Not So Well Womans Journey

The Well Woman! Sadly I watched a sister being given the news that she is not such a well woman right now

Out of the blue, came a diganosis of lung cancer and  a couple of sites showing in the spine.  A huge shock for her and for those around her.

This is a woman who eats the right food, cooks and prepares all fresh food, drinks very little alcohol, never smokes and very fit through exercise, so what else does one have to do to prevent the cells from turning cancerous?

How much is emotion involved?

What is deficient in her body?

What went wrong?

The questions have been endless and of course the 'Why her' or as she herself said 'Why me?'

When you are told that the only option they have is some radiotherapy on the spine and chemotherapy to 'buy time' You have to look at every other option and resist the negativity of the words of the doctors!
They don't mean to be so negative, i'm sure, but everything that one reads says that never is it more important to keep a positive mindset to help gain health, than when your body needs to deal with this illness.

This is not a time to hear a prediction of life expectancy, after all, no one knows that and I certainly don't want my sisters body to start pre programming itself or beginning some kind of subconscious morbid count down! There is no point in that as it just puts the focus on ill health and i want to keep her focus on health.

My sister had a drain put in which has allowed the fluid to empty from the lung lining and this was an intervention she couldn't do without. It allowed her to breathe and in so doing has allowed her to start a deep breathing routine to oxygenate the body. The drain has now been removed and hopefully can remain that way

Whilst she was in hospital, they didn't stop us in helping her follow a naturapathic approach. In fact they were happy to help get the very hot water and the icy cold water needed

The routine included deep breathing in a particular way to fill the blood with as much oxygen as possible, followed by hot and cold hydrotherapy to focus the oxygented blood to where it is needed most, at the same time using hot mustard foot baths, which have been brilliant at seeing the colour instantly come back to the cheeks and for her to feel expansion in the lungs.

It is not an easy regime to follow for the amount of times a day she has to do it, but I'm proud of her that she is giving it her all as best she can right now, but i nag her to step it up a bit more.

Given my trust in CKT as a therapy, we have been using this in many ways. We used it to determine the correct foods for her to create an alkaline body and to ensure this sugar loving, anaerobic cancer doesn't get what it wants.
So a specialised/tailored diet  has been created for her along with using it to determine what supplements and dietary supports she needs

Thus my sister has me on her case, keeping her positive, focused on health, following the regime and then if that isn't enough having the cheek to get her to drink turmeric, bicarb, slippery elm, milk thistle, mistletoe,Vit C, Vit D and a plethora of supportive measures, all determined by CKT

She has the excellent support of her family who are fully engaged in getting her health back!

The hospital have allowed her to have pure oxygen to help in oxygenating the body and thus aiming for a detrimental effect on the cancer cells.

Not all cancers are oxygen hating, the majority are and thrive in low oxygen and acidic bodies. My sister's condition seems to have started when she was so anaemic that she needed a blood transfusion, and had been for sometime, a condition missed by her GP! Could this be one of the factors that let it develop?  I say one of, as cancer is complex and hides in the body, so I feel that it is the right set of circumstances that come together to allow it to develop, especially perhaps if it was as a result of a virus that the body failed to deal with properly.

Maintaining a healthy immune system is essential of course to life and good health, yet we compromise it in so many ways, by poor nutrition, vaccinations, antibiotics etc etc

It may be a lesson never to dismiss anaemia quite so lightly also, as does often happen for women.

It is not an easy option to engage in this approach, but all the time it is supporting the healthy cells and spoiling the party for the unhealthy cells.  There are no guarantees with anything, but at least this method focuses on health, it doesn't give the cancer any attention at all and supports the immune system.

It is very often the case that people talk of fighting cancer, but who wants to go to war with their own body. It is best ignored

We have used CKT to help treat the emotions that can screw up our bodies and to support the body in many ways, initiating the changes that are needed. We can hold emotion in our bodies that in our conscious mind would make no sense to us, and for my sister, i found her overiding emotion to be grief, and grief is very often linked to the lungs, exactly where her problem lays.

Good emotional health is crucial to good physical well being of course

Keeping positive!  crucial, but so hard for the person concerned. It is easy for those around to give the advice and keep the motivation going, but life is a lonely journey really and not one of us can even begin to know what that must feel like.

So the other night, I drew my sister a picture of her body and it's organs and we ticked all the healthy ones and all the healthy parts and in comparison there are far more healthy parts than unhealthy ones and that is what we need to focus on and especially at those dark moments at 4am when you wake and all the thoughts start zooming in, that is when you need that inner strength to turn up the positivity dial.

You see it in the face, that even when all around are sharing a joke or talking about the everyday things in life, her thoughts have gone to that dark place and that is when you have to help turn it around.

This week sees visits back to the hospital for her and i suppose they will want to talk chemotherapy.
She knows that if  this is the route she wants to try, then we can still support the body as much as possible, but it is harder for the body to cope when the chemo starts to weaken all the cells and not just the cancerous ones. Cancer cells tend to have tougher cell walls than our normal body cells, which is why the delicate cells of the hair are some of the first to go when chemo starts and hair loss follows. The healthy cells will need more support, but what ever route she ops for, the natural medicine approach thus far will have given her a good start.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Does the NHS make us lazy about our own health?

If everything is free at the point of delivery, where is the incentive to prevent illness?

We don't have to make the time to keep ourselves well, because if we get sick, we'll have it all taken care of and no bill at the end of it!

Our NHS is indeed the envy of the world and I certainly know that when my son was born prematurely, if the NHS care he received at the time, had to be paid for, I would probabaly have to have mortgaged the house!

But can we afford it in the way that we have it now?

If everytime we vistit the Dr, we had to pay a small contribution, I wonder how many people would think twice or start to look into preventative procedures first, saving those GP visits for the things that don't just get better.

My experince is that there are many people who see their Dr more than they do their families and have nothing other than anxiety about their health or need a listening ear. Now of course there are people who do need their GP's regular help, but how do we get people to be engaged enough in their health that they want to do things that prevent disease, and by this I don't mean a vaccination or a regular pill prescription!

Let me tie this in to the healthy breast programme we saw launched at the conference. What woman wouldn't want healthy breasts? What woman wants to be given the news she has breast cancer? The answers to those questions should be all and then none!.

What woman will take the time to follow a programme that will help her to have healthy breasts? A woman who cares about herself and the effects on those around her if she is ill, hopefully!  That should be us all.

Therapies of all descriptions need time invested in them, and we seem reluctant to make time to stay healthy, yet when we are ill, time is sometimes not what we have!, and suddenly we have to find it...the body makes us!
Well it's time to start investing in our health!  taking responsibility for our own well being and not leaving everything until the problem has occured.  You don't wait for the tyres on your car to be worn down. That could cost you or others 'life', so why do we play fast and lose with our bodies?

Prevention is always better than cure, it just takes that bit more effort and a cure may not always be totally possible.

There are many therpies that can help and some are better at certain conditions than others. CKT could help you find the right therapy for your problem.

But you might say, why do we have to spend money on therapies when the NHS is free?  May be that is because therapies are good in prevention work and the NHS,despite attempts at engaging people in preventative campaigns, is still the parent of us all.

If your hygeniest wants to see you regularly, and it's costing on average £45 a time for 30mins, I guess you start brushing more often, flossing and treating the gums!

So a free NHS! has it made us too lazy to take our own action on our health

Conference Success

Well after all the planning for months on end to get the conference off the ground and all the work to fill the slot when Dr Marilyn Glenville let us down just 9 days before hand.

The day came and surpassed our expectations.

Denise Tiran gave an excellent presentation and i'm sure the midwives there would have been pleased to hear what this vastly experienced midwife and complementary therapist practitioner had to say.
Denise speaks from a place of knowing and her belief in and use of both Reflexology and Aromatherapy in midwifery is refreshing. Of course the risks and benefits need to be recognised and Denise left all delegates with knowledge of safe practice.

Lesley Clothier, gave us a rare opportunity to see cranio-sacral work in action. This powerful treatment lets the body work to correct problems that hamper the flow of cerebral spinal fluid and allow the bones of the skull to make the smallest of movements, that trigger the bones to find their proper place.

This is a very simplified explanation for a complex move in the body, but one that can turn many problems around, from hormonal problems, to teeth problems, and structural difficulties.

 It is probably the best thing you can do for a new born baby, as this is very often where the problems set in, especially when births have been traumatic at worst, or difficult at best.

The Healthy Breast programme launch from David Stevens was fascinating.  It all makes perfect sense and as he said, he couldn't say it's 100% successful, but in all the women he has treated, he hasn't had a failure yet!

 The Healthy breast website will be up and running by May, along with a downloadable healthy breast programme booklet or audioversion.

The bottom line being, that healthy breasts, can't be unhealthy breasts!

David also presented CKT, on which there are many references on my blog. CKT to help in childbirth, pre and post. The limits of this therapy are endless.  It is a matter of seeing and believing.

Janey Lee Grace, ( and radio 2 presenter, gave a good all round view of just what we are surrounded by everyday that is having a detrimental effect on our health.  Janey talked on everything from deodorants, soap nuts to the wonders of bicarb! and the dangers of household airfreshners

She gave us a lot of food for thought and although she recognised that she has no qualifications in therapies, she comes from a concerned mum, and citizens point of view, of just what we can all be doing differently that will probably help our overall well being!

So my colleague and cohort in this, launched the Cambridge Institute of Complementary Health in style and are already planning the next event

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Complementary Therapies in Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond

Complementary Therapies in Pregnancy, Childbirth and beyond

Being pregnant is great! It is something that you have wanted and may be even have dreamed about.  But the reality may not be quite as rosy as you thought.

First of all there is the morning sickness – wonderful!, then comes the sore and tender breasts, hot on its heels is the backache and possibly sciatica. Of course there may well be the underlying worry of the baby and the birth itself. 

For some women the worry may be greater, if they have previously experienced a miscarriage or other such problems.

So what can you do to get you through the next nine months or so?

Of course there will be plenty of medical intervention and monitoring of both mother and baby, but pregnancy and childbirth is a very natural state and occurrence, so you want to enjoy this special time and do what you can to relax while allowing the body to do all it needs to, so a safe and happy, healthy baby is the result.

There are so many therapies that can help and it would be impossible to consider them all here. Many people are aware of reflexology and aromatherapy, so let’s first see how they can help. 

Reflexology is of course the working of the reflex points on the feet or hands to balance the body systems.  This is a treatment that can be used throughout pregnancy quite safely by fully qualified reflexologists.

One of the best things that reflexology can do for you is to aid relaxation and in so doing relieve stress and tension in the body and mind. This of course is only one of its many benefits. It can be an excellent way to relieve backache and sciatic pain, and through the stimulating of the lymphatics, it can be a useful way of treating breast tenderness. It works on the digestion and hormonal systems that will help relieve morning sickness.

These symptoms in general are all perfectly normal in pregnancy, and can so often be rectified by non-medical intervention.

Reflexology can allow the body to function at its optimum as it strengthens and restores balance. It can be used throughout pregnancy and during the early stages of childbirth. 
Aromatherapy can also be an effective treatment during pregnancy. The use of certain oils may need to be restricted at certain times and you should always seek the guidance of a fully qualified aromatherapist so as to ensure that the safety of the oils used complies with current guidelines.

Unless you have expertise in this area, it would be considered unwise and possibly unsafe to experiment with essential oils at this time.

That of course is not to say that it is an unsafe therapy during pregnancy. 

The massage aspect of a treatment can indeed be most beneficial and again can help with the muscle and ligament tension, back pains and non-medical oedema(swelling). It can help nourish the skin and lessen the stretchmarks.

It can help stimulate lymphatic drainage and improve circulation. The physical effect of massage on the body is wonderful for removing the stress that can be held in the muscles. A less stressed mother-to-be, is a less stressed unborn.

There are other therapies that are proven in their ability to help in pregnancy and post partum. Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) and Chirokinetic Therapy (CKT) both have excellent track records in what they can do at this stage, not only for the mother, but also for the newborn.

Cranio-Sacral (CST) is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system  (membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord).
Using a light touch practitioners release restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the functioning of the central nervous system.

By complementing the body's natural healing processes, CST is increasingly used as an effective therapy for a wide range of issues that can follow childbirth and is equally effective in treating newborns.

So you have had your baby and now what state has it left your body in?

Corrections of problems that have occurred are best sorted as near to the event as possible.  A little intervention now can save a lot of problems later.

Look at what can happen to the whole pelvic area of the body in pregnancy and childbirth.  Both place a huge stress on the body and severe disruption to the ligaments and sacral joints in particular. 

Nothing worse than suffering with back problems when caring for a new baby and possibly slightly older siblings.  

Coping with a crying baby and not knowing why it is so unhappy or fretful is also very stressful. Many mothers may resort to pain relief for the baby and in the first instance this may help. It doesn’t address the root of the problem and that could well be something that gives difficulties through life.

Cranio-Sacral therapy can allow the body to correct structural problems that have occurred and can rebalance hormones that have a direct effect on all body systems. All of this is achieved in a very gentle treatment.

It can seem as if nothing has occurred at the time of a treatment, but it is no measure of the magnitude of the actual effect it is has over a period of time.

For babies the birth can be very traumatic. The journey down the birth canal may not need a sat nav, but one wonders why such a small exit route is there for birthing. The narrow birth canal can put immense pressure on the head of the baby and thus the whole spine. Given that many deliveries require forceps or a ventouse this again may cause trauma to the skull.

The misshapen head of the infant will possibly cause problems as it can impact on the brain and nervous system. This can result in all sorts of discomfort and infant problems (such as colic), and you are left holding a crying baby.

If a gentle approach in resolving these problems is your desire, then CST could be the way forward for you and your baby.

For more information go to 

One of the most effective therapies for getting to the root of any health problem is Chirokinetic Therapy (CKT) which lets the body speak for itself.  

How does it do this?  Well, it combines kinesiology with a corrective technique that signals the body to make the changes.  It can be used safely at any stage and at any age.

What makes this therapy so great is that it treats your body as the individual it is and works to its best advantage. It can be specific and treats the cause not the symptoms and in the body’s own time frame. 

Want to know where your problems are exactly –  CKT can tell you that and correct it.

It works on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels and we all know just how much our emotions are affected by pregnancy & childbirth.   

Imbalances in our body are often too subtle for standard tests to reveal but CKT can alert us to our individual disparities and along with supportive techniques, can help resolve them.

CKT is extremely safe to use on mothers-to-be, babies and children and is very effective in relieving the physical and emotional trauma of birth for both mum and baby.
Because it works on such an individual basis, it really has to be the way forward, as it can tell you what it needs to function to its best ability.

Sadly not all pregnancies come along easily and just because the first or second pregnancy came to order, the next one may not be quite as forthcoming.

CKT has helped many women with infertility issues. Of course it may not just be the woman. CKT is there for men as well. Yes guys, it could be you!

For many the medical exploration of infertility may not only be intrusive, but can be inconclusive. We think only of the reproductive system possibly not functioning correctly in parts, but it may be the body has other imbalances or deficiencies and it has decided that a pregnancy may not be what it needs while other parts are not working as efficiently as they should, and the body’s energies are being utilised in the best way it feels is needed – that may not be a pregnancy at that point.

CKT can identify these and seeks to correct them in the way best suited for the individual.
Is the body deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, again it may be too subtle for regular tests, it is what the individual body requires and not a blanket approach to the problem. That is why these subtleties can make all the difference. It can help determine the best time for sex in relation to ovulation. Again, not every woman fits a standard picture.

CKT has been successful in helping many pregnancies come about and is a great way forward in complementary medicine.

For more info visit.

It is worth remembering that the vast majority of pregnancies pass without any major problems, but it is good to be aware of what is out there that may be able to help. Whatever route you choose is the right one for you.

There is a rare opportunity to hear first-hand from four eminent therapists from the field of complementary medicine, speak in Cambridge on April 9th 2011 at the Moller Centre, Churchill College, Storeys Way.

Topics include Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Nutrition and Chirokinetic Therapy. The theme is women’s health and will include pregnancy issues
For more info on this visit where full details can be found.

Infertility - Where to start.

Infertility – where to start.

For some women having a baby is so very easy, they seem to only have to think about it and next they know – one on the way.

That sadly isn’t true for some women though and the angst every month of are you or aren’t can completely take over your life and occupy your every thought.

Then there are the well-meaning friends and relatives who have every known suggestion in the book: Onions over the bed, eat more of one thing, avoid another, certain positions are better than others, oh the list is endless.

Then how long do you have to wait before a medical route is sought and then it all becomes a clinical exercise and the focus is on the end result entirely. 

The pressure and anguish, as you have test after test and then the discovery of who may or may not be the one that is unable to make the whole process happen.

Does the next step have to be medication or IVF and all that it can bring.

For some, trying and trusting other methods may not be for them, and that is fine but what else can you try that takes the clinical aspect out of the equation or helps the body relax and cope with that, if that is the preferred route.

Chirokinetic  Therapy or CKT as it is known as, is a way of finding out from the body where the imbalance are, what may be causing the problem and then setting out to help the body correct them where possible.

It’s not just the woman that needs treating though, it could well be a ‘guy’ matter. 

We think only of the reproductive system possibly not functioning correctly in parts, but it may be the body has other imbalances and it has decided that a pregnancy may not be what it needs while other parts are not working as efficiently as they should, and the bodies energies are being utilised in the best way it feels is needed – that may not be a pregnancy at that point.

Even after many medical tests, it is often the case that no concrete conclusions are arrived at that explain why pregnancy doesn’t happen.

Then what do you do?

CKT can be used effectively and efficiently to determine where other underlying issues are and seek to correct them.

It could be immunity levels, hormonal imbalances too subtle to show on a regular test, stress in the system within digestive organs, emotional aspects or even structural problems. The list is endless really. So the body needs a chance to tell its story and CKT can help it do that and thus help restore the body to a good state of wellness and give it the best chance possible.

CKT can help also to determine what supportive measures are needed to help the body in its quest to be in good strength to allow pregnancy to occur.

Is the body deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, again it may be too subtle for regular tests,  it is what the individual body requires and not a blanket approach to the problem. That is why these subtleties can make all the difference. It can help determine the best time for sex in relation to ovulation. Again, not every woman fits a standard picture.

CKT has been successful in helping many pregnancies come about and is a great way forward in complementary medicine.

CKT can go on to treat conditions that arise in pregnancy and can treat the unborn as well.

Reflexology has its place also. A fully qualified reflexologist will treat the reflex points that represent the body organs etc on the feet, and in so doing, balance the body systems. This will work towards the body being the best it can be. 

It may not be as specific as CKT, but an experienced reflexologist will know where points lack ‘energy’ and need stimulating. And again reflexology has helped many women in their quest for a baby.

During the pregnancy, reflexology can help ease stress and tension, help with back ache and sickness and can also be used during the early stages of labour.

Stress can be one of the symptoms that prevent a body becoming pregnant. Note I say, stress is a symptom, it is not a cause. When trying for a baby, the two quickly become entwined or you could see it as a continuous loop.

Can’t fall pregnant – stress starts to build – this in turn can then prevent the very thing you want. So any therapy that can break that loop and reduce the stress, will help also.

Aromatherapy is a delightful therapy. The use of essential oils from plants, used in a controlled and prescriptive manner to address the issues that the body needs. 

A fully qualified aromatherapist should be sought, as they will know the oils and strengths of blends that are right for the individual and the problems that present. Oils that may be used to help the body with infertility, are not the same as the oils used for assisting the birthing process and hence why a qualified aromatherapist should be sought.

There are many oils such as Geranium, Rose or Fennel that can help balance oestrogen levels in the body, if hormonal imblance of that nature is the cause. It could be oils specifically that aid relaxation and ease stress and tension in the body that are needed.

Oils such as one of the many lavenders to help lower blood pressure, if that is a factor 
There are so many essential oils and selecting the right combination in the right strengths is the skill of the aromatherapist.

I have used all three of these therapies in the past to help infertility, but i have to say my prefered option is CKT. for all the reasons i have written about.

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