Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Lucky Us, A Shingles Vaccine!

Well we just get luckier and luckier here in the UK

As Prof Adam Finn, vaccine expert at the University of Bristol, is quoted as saying 'We are getting close to perfect' with our vaccination programme.

I can hardly believe our good fortune.......

So the next shot that is coming the way of some, is a shingles vaccine.  This is such a brilliant vaccine, that even by the manufacturers own admission, it is only 50% effective. So a 50/50 chance of protection but 100% absorption of yet more adjuvents.

Not only is this superb vaccine only 50% effective. It will cost £25 Million to administer, but save the NHS, £20 Million.   So we are only £5 Million out of pocket for a vaccine that isn't even better than a 50/50 chance of protection.

Golly aren't we lucky?

Can anyone else see a problem with this? My maths isn't the best but!

So of course there must be another reason for this vaccine and it would help to vaccinate the older generation for shingles if we are set to have the chicken pox vaccine rolled out soon. Yet another for our poor children's immune systems to cope with.

As chicken pox is a precursor to possibly contracting shingles later in life, should you come into contact with the chicken pox virus, well we could see an epidemic ( to use the BBC scare tactic word)  of shingles in older people, where probably about 90% have had chicken pox.  Those that haven't could fall victim to chicken pox and as we know chicken pox and measles are childhood illnesses, best had in childhood.

Vaccination can prevent this from happening at its rightful time. Getting either as an adult is by far worse.

If we saw a backlash of shingles on the government programme for C/pox vaccination, I can imagine that would be very politically damaging.  After all the 'grey' vote is quite large and for governments to be creating a rise in illness wouldn't look good!

So a canny move hey!  vaccinate the 70 ++ for one thing (Don't forget it is only 50% effective they say) and then introduce the chicken pox vaccine for children.

By which time, much like the measles, i'm sure we will see a lot of reporting that the incidences of chicken pox has risen and that suddenly it has gone from a very innocent childhood disease to a possible 'killer'

There will then be the stories that we need to vaccinate children to protect vulnerable older people who can't have the shingles vaccine, so grandchildren will have to have this to protect grandparents - a good play on the emotions, as that is part of the usual format to get people to uptake unnecessary vaccines.

Does it ever occur to anyone, that if these vaccines are so safe, why is it that people with compromised immune systems seem to the very ones that can't have them, yet on the NHS logic, should indeed be the first to have them, as we are told they offer such great protection.

The Vaccine News website lists 20 facts about vaccines.

On one of them, the question is asked why do vaccines need to contain formaldehyde, aluminium, phenol, mercury etc etc.  The answer is to make them work better!!!

The virus itself needs nothing to make it work, just a slightly immune compromised recipient at the time. The body then sets too and deals with it. May be that is because that is how nature intended. We are not infected with measles, chicken pox, rubella etc etc by injection. The proper route is through the nasal passages, where a whole host of lymph nodes kick in and start to deal with it.

Enter through the muscles and the body doesn't respond in the way nature intended.

The justification for the adjuvents is that the limits are below the government recommended safety levels - so that's ok then is it?

As we don't naturally contain these things, I guess it's because our bodies don't need them, or nature has made one giant boo boo!  So even a small amount isn't desirable.

Lets look at Aluminium, it too is found in safe doses in deodorants, yet even cancer specialists advice women not to use deodorants with aluminium in, as many breast tumours are found to contain it.  So it enters the body, the body doesn't know what to do with it, so it dumps it away from major organs and where better than breast tissue. A great place for a tumour to develop, a possible dumping ground for these chemicals found in such things as vaccines.

So yeh!! how many more vaccines do we need?

Especially when they are so effective (50%!!!) and so cost effective  (Loss of £5million)

Detrimental to health????  Well given that ethically you can not trial vaccines on children, drug companies do not know what the effects are on our babies, short or long term.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

How Dare Corporations Try and Sell Us Back What Nature Has Given Us?

It is the most glorious day here in the UK, well at least in this little corner of it.
Having just come back from walking my dog, Daisy - a rather lovely beagle/lab cross, where we walked in the beautiful countryside and the trees are finally blossoming and the leaves unfurling, it is so striking that we really live in a beautiful world.

Nature has given us everything, it is free for us all, she takes care of the planting and the life cycle of it all. The balance of insects keeps things propagating and the elements do their bit. The rain and the sun and the wind, all crucial in the mix.

No one invented plants, they have been given to us and all we need to do is to learn how to use them in the way nature intended.

Plants for nourishment and plants for healing - The main factor is that nature is abundant in her generosity, it has been given free.  She has given us the soil to grow them in.

All we need to do is learn how to use it.

What is man best at - greed, exploitation and profit!

How do we manage to screw it up so well!

Give man a bit of power and some where in the hard wiring he craves more and more.

So what we see with this whole Nestle grab, is sickening.

The more I think about it, the less I understand it. Who can possibly think that water is not a basic human right?  How dare an organisation have the arrogance to think that they invented the healing properties of plants and want to own that right.

Does man really think he is bigger and more important than nature?

Corporations are no ones friend. They are constantly looking for the next way to screw us over.

They ease their corporate concious by making a charitable contribution, but given the damage many inflict, it is insignificant in the balance and almost distasteful. We are supposed to be grateful they provide jobs...well really!!!  Earning money to spend with another corporation, buying stuff we really don't need. I don't think we had masses of people just waiting for these companies to start up to get a job..Different jobs may be required, more ethical ones.

We have got ourselves caught up in their idea of what the world should be.

Corporations are psychopathic in their behaviour and we should remember that.

We should all be mindful that what nature has given us is what we need - she gave it freely, so why should a psychopathic organisation come along and think they can sell us back what nature has already given us.

There are 7 billion of us on this planet, that is a lot of people power.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

When corporations start to grab at nature - time to hold back your spending power.

As individuals in this very fast moving and ever changing world, in which we seem to face one global crisis after another, caused by some organisation of which we have little control, isn't it time we made more use of a very precious commodity that we all have to some degree or another.

As consumers, where we spend our money can have a big impact on these massive corporations.
Here in the UK, it forced one particular coffeeshop chain to pay its taxes when people decided to boycott it in protest.

Those of you who are already Monsanto aware, might like to see that Nestle are not much better.  Not hard to avoid Nestle food. Being a lover of real food, they are not the products I pick up, but here is the link to the you tube clip where Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck implies that the world's water will soon come under the control of corporations like his.  In it he says that water is not a basic human right!!!

If you think that isn't bad enough, how about this little bit from that delightful Nestle company that has generated the petition mentioned below....

Over 150,000 people have signed a petition to Nestlé, calling for the company to stop trying to patent the traditional curative powers of Nigella Sativa. What's more, over 50,000 have shared the campaign with  friends -- and all this action clearly will have an effect on Nestlé.
Nestlé has written up an official response, but the conglomerate's defence is ridiculous: Nestlé claims everything is OK because it is not patenting the flower itself, just the flower's traditional medicinal use. Nestlé's official patent, filed in countries around the world, claims that it "invented" use of nigella sativa to treat allergic reactions, despite the fact that the flower has been used for this very purpose across the Middle East and Asia for over a millennium.
Nigella sativa -- more commonly known as fennel flower -- has been used as a cure-all remedy for over a thousand years. It treats everything from vomiting to fevers to skin diseases, and has been widely available in impoverished communities across the Middle East and Asia.

So now Nestlé is claiming to have invented its use, and is trying take control over the natural cure of the fennel flower in order to turn it into a costly private drug.
Please join in telling Nestlé to stop trying to patent this natural cure

If you should wish to sign the petition, follow the link below

What a delightful company, they clearly need our money in exchange for what ever it is they sell as food, to take over the world, water drop by water drop and plant by plant- incredible!  Monsanto might have a fight on their hands.

There is much we as individuals can do, as we are consumers and that is mighty powerful, so if consumers stop spending their hard earned money in the direction of these monstrous organisations, they have less domination in the market place and over the food and perhaps water that we have

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mass Vaccination Campaigns - Where is the balance?

To say anything against the mass campaign to have children and teenagers vaccinated for measles right now here in the UK, I'm sure is hugely unpopular.

The BBC yet again has taken its 'unbiased' approach and comes down firmly in favour of vaccinations - after all, it seems from the media hysteria, we might die if we catch it!

You can of course always rely on the public to respond to a media whip-up and if you show queues of people at clinics getting the vaccines for their children, it seems to spur more to join.

This is all very fine and the arguments for it may be just.

We of course live in a fear based society and whenever you want a population to do something, inject fear - that will do it. Oh hold on...isn't that how dictatorships work?

The harping on about Andrew Wakefield's study and how as a result of the Autism link we are now left with a significant % of un-vaccinated children, is a constant in this.  From what I read, it was the method that was considered wrong in the beginning, were the findings ever disproved?

If any one follows Dr Ben Goldacre, he, as a GP is far from happy that not all studies are published and that very often studies on drugs are 'cherry picked' So at the moment we hear about the studies that claim there are no links to MMR and autism.
But what about studies that show different.

At this point, I am going to recommend 'The Vaccine Guide' by Randall Neustaedter OMD, I could go on and quote the various studies that link all manner of complications to the MMR and Measles vaccines, but his book cites a plethora of them.

My point is that we must look at the agenda for this mass vaccine campaign and we should be questioning the fact that according to the media this vaccine is perfectly safe and we as the public then would assume that there are no studies that show otherwise....may be this isn't true!

It is convenient to put the focus only on Autism, it certainly distracts the public from making other connections. What about the impact on the neurological system that results in other manifestations?

Is it then a coincidence that as mass vaccination programmes were rolled out, we then see a significant rise in autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems, allergies with the severity of anaphylaxia.

Allopathic medicine in general under reports side effects that patients return with and arrogantly dismisses them as coincidence.

Allopathic medicine has nothing to treat measles or other such illnesses and for that matter, many chronic diseases - it is only left with what it sees as prevention and that is vaccination.

Doctors know drugs. Drug companies fund doctors training. Drug companies research, make and sell. Does this picture not worry you?
Drug companies wouldn't make vaccines if governments don't want them. Governments rely on drug companies for the knowledge and lets not forget - drug companies do the research and they decide what they might cherry pick and tell governments. Do governments demand all studies?

Who underwrites vaccines?   Do insurance companies do it or governments?  If you discover the answer to be governments - then you must surely wonder why greedy insurance companies wouldn't take the money from drug companies - is it too risky?

Worth a look don't you think?

So are we more at risk from the vaccine than the illness. It seems the symptoms are similar yet with added bonus of now having a whole load of adjuvents in your body along with a virus you didn't have to start with. Formaldehyde, mercury, animal and foetal cells, antibiotics, aluminium - fantastic, just what the doctor ordered, a whole lot of neurotoxins!  Well what long term effect will they have on us all - ,memory loss, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, cancer who knows? Ask your doctor for an injection of formaldehyde and aluminium and he would think you have lost the plot.

Measles is a virus and viruses are designed to survive and to survive they will mutate - there are already reported cases of such a mutation of measles.

But as I said the NHS has nothing to treat this - so what are they to do?

Well how about nurturing our bodies and not instigating chemical warfare on them?

Most deaths and severe illness as a result of measles, are in the poorer nations, where poor sanitation and nutrition are rife.

What about our children here in the UK, I wonder how many have maximum nutrition....with the economic situation right now, many parents are stuck in a poverty trap, so if you are in the supermarket and you want maximum for your money...is it the vegetables and fruit that are constantly on a 2 for 1 offer or is it the cola drink, crisps, biscuits, cereal, pizza, chips, burgers etc etc.
I don't think I have seen broccoli on 2 for 1 ever or the carrots. Get my point?

Many eat for hedonism and not nutrition, but food is your medicine and the best defense we have to keeping a healthy immune system. It is not to attack the body with chemical warfare, but give it what it understands and whop up the Vit C and Vit D in your children's diet.

So lets go back to this mass vaccine programme. Vaccines can not give life long immunity, surely after 10-20 years that immunity must have passed. Natural immunity seems to give life long protection, but acquired through vaccines and it doesn't behave in the same way. This means that childhood diseases are being delayed into adulthood and adults fare worse than children with the symptoms.

Interesting that having heard from listeners that had experienced measles as adults, Dr Andrew Williams on 'You and Yours' today on Radio 4, told a listener who was in his 70's that he didn't need the vaccine despite the gentleman saying he had never had the vaccine or measles as a child. Dr Andrew Williams said he wasn't quite that old, had never had measles but he felt he didn't need the vaccine either!

I think the best one of all comes from all those that think everyone should be vaccinated to protect those with compromised immune systems and/or babies that can not then have the vaccine. Now I am all for the community and doing my bit, but let's consider this....There are risks to vaccinations and when your child is vaccinated you do not know if they will be one that will suffer complications, so those that want everyone to be vaccinated to protect those that can't have it, should consider what they are actually asking here.

What if you go along for the greater good and it's your child with the severe reaction that results in them having a life long problem or illness - you could find yourself in the same boat as the parents of that immuno-compromised child.
We might be told that vaccines are safe.... to be honest is that really the case - totally, 100% safe?... Of course not, they couldn't possibly say that, and if as a result of this 'greater good' idea, your child reacts...it is 100%. 100% illness in that child.

Everything might be ok, but it might not and better you make an informed choice and not be forced into it.

Many things in life can be reversed, you cannot reverse vaccine damage.

It is not a matter of just lining up because the media has given you one set of beliefs, and getting the jab, it is about making an informed choice, not reacting to hysteria and consider it.

Never have we lived in a time where information is in abundance at the touch of a button, on the shelf of a bookstore or ordered on Amazon and yet we take what we are told to be gospel, well at least consider if they have an agenda

I have left a lot of questions in this and that is for the purpose that we need to ask questions, we need safe vaccines, we need vaccines without the adjuvents... How many parents are told what is in a vaccine, how many even asked?

How can that be an informed choice.

You might think I am anti vaccine - I'm anti the chemicals that go in it.

I'm anti anything that asks people to blindly accept something without a balanced discussion and I'm anti 'cherry picked studies.

Seek the truth and investigate before you inoculate. You can't remove it once it's in.

The Vaccine Guide (Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults)
Randall Neustaedter OMD


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Is it really a surprise we are Vitamin D deficient?

After such a long winter and despite it being April, we still have had very little sunshine.
This time last year and the year before we had glorious sunshine.
Right now I see so many people suffering with low grade infections that have been going on for weeks and still not able to shake them off. Low in mood and low in health.

The one thing that we are lacking is Vit D, the sunshine vitamin or 'natures prozac'

One of the symptoms of low Vit D is poor immunity - hence why you feel so well when out in the sunshine.  lack of Vit D is also linked to depression, this links to the SAD that many suffer with in those long winter months, both of those conditions lead to poor appetite and very soon you can find yourself in a spiral of ill health.

So what might a doctor suggest if you presented with the above...well chances are they would recommend antibiotics if you were having recurring infections, or they probably prescribe antidepressants for the SAD or depression.

Both of which wouldn't be treating the cause, merely masking the symptoms...not the best way to gain health.

But what if your doctor looked at your Vit D 3 levels and if they showed deficiency then prescribed you a pharmaceutical dose of Vit D, very big chance that you would see a genuine improvement in your health, not a masking of the symptoms, but an addressing of the imbalance that has occurred

It really wouldn't be a surprise to discover a lot of us are Vit D deficient...long winter, indoors, short summer previous and Vit D impossible to gain what you need through food alone.

If we are not getting it from sunshine, we need supplements.

As most of us have been terrified to bare our skin to the sun in fear we will develop skin cancer, we now slap on our factor 50 and cover up, so even when we do see that rarity we call the sun, it's not getting through that armoury.

Sun beds bad....well yes in high doses...how about sensible use!

As for our children, we are increasingly raising an indoor nation. We worry more about how much time our chickens and livestock are allowed out in fresh pastures ( quite rightly) but as for our children....well there they are tapping away at laptops, computers, play stations, watching television and getting their exercise jumping around in front of a TV screen

Then we wonder why we are seeing an increase in rickets and poorly developed muscles and bone structure in our children. What other problems are we storing up?

When i was young girl, we were outdoors nearly all the time, out building dens, at the park, cycling, playing in the garden and having to be called in by our mothers at meal times.

The world was no more safe then, but we had less fear culture and healthier children.

Is the answer to add Vit D to other foods such as bread and milk...well not really...especially in our absurdly allergic population. Then there is the argument that too much milk is in fact not good for your bones as it is highly acidic and can harm bone density and not increase it. Do we want to consume so much grain via bread or cereal...not the best for our long term health either.

But supplements are a way of giving a controlled measure and ensuring we all get a decent dose.

So what is a decent dose....definitely not the RDA currently used.

To quote Phillip Day

less than 50ng/ml of Vit D in your blood makes you deficient.
Optimal would be 50-70ng/ml
A therapeutic dose would be 70-100ng/ml
and Excess would be over 100ng/ml

He suggests that most adults need 8000iu's (international units) to raise their serum levels above 40ng/ml  and that is still going to put you in the deficient zone.

So best advice is to get a blood test for Vit D, which i have to say, most Dr's have been very good at doing for those i treat.  Then take a good dose, start with 8000 iu's and do that for 6 weeks and get another blood test. It may have risen, it may be you need to increase it.
The chances of over dosing are rare though. You can see a nutritionist, yes a nutritionist - not a dietician!!! and take their advice, but Vit D is available over the counter and if you are severely deficient then you may need your doctor to give you a pharmaceutical dose.

Isn't it better for a doctor to address a simple vitamin deficiency for you, for which the health benefits of are huge, rather than you present with much larger problems that could cost a good deal more to deal with as a result of prolonged Vit D deficiency.  A few blood tests to establish optimal levels is a small price to pay for better health.

It is good to see our doctors getting on board with Vit D and its relation to our health....lets hope it starts them looking at all the other Vits and minerals that are crucial to real health and that many lack through poor food and soil quality.

Yes i know you can't patent a vitamin or mineral so the drug companies won't get rich from a supplement...interesting that many are buying up supplement companies, but our doctors should be working in partnership with you to restore and maintain your health, not in partnership with drug companies to increase their income!

You don't get depression because you lack prozac!  causes are one thing, the ability of the body to cope with it is another and a fit healthy body helps in having a fit healthy mind - and vice versa

Go and investigate Vit D, it's all out there, and then get your levels checked or give the supplements   a go.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Cancer Diagnosis? - 4 websites worth a look

For good sound advice on supporting and treating people with cancer, then the following websites are worth looking into

Four websites I wish i had known about when my sister was diagnosed 2 years ago. She might not have made the fatal error of chemotherapy believing the false prediction made by doctors of how long it would give her, if she had it.  
If any therapist made such a statement to a patient they would be 'crucified' by the medical profession and the press. Yet a doctor can tell you it might buy you 6 months or 3 months etc - no patient in that desperate state hears the 'might' they just hear the time - well it was a big lie!

Check out the websites. They give options and choice and hope - not false hope, just the 'while you are alive who knows what can happen when you make a change' kind of hope. 

No guarantees or 'mights' coercing people into a truly poisonous route, just options.

http://bsio.org.uk  newly launched British Society for Integrative Oncology

Dr Patrick Kingsley - A Wealth of Experience

Never come across Dr Patrick Kingsley. Well he is an exceptional Dr in his experience and application in helping people return to good health.
The excerpt below is from the Totnes Cancer Health Centre, website and refers to Dr Kingsley's talks at the recent Totnes Cancer Conference
Dr Patrick Kingsley is an extremely experienced, wise and compassionate complementary holistic physician. His insights and modern perspectives. Below is an exert from his website which I recommend you visit as it is packed with health cultivation techniques and practises.

For more information and to buy his book go to http://www.thenewmedicine.info

Overcoming any disease without drugs or surgery
As a fully qualified doctor, I eventually got to the point in my practice where I felt there had to be a better way. While the drugs I prescribed were making people feel a little better, nobody was actually being cured.
I didn’t come into medicine to make people comfortable. I wanted to be a healer.
So I started to explore ways of healing without drugs or surgery. I tested what I discovered on myself until I felt happy that I could offer this to my patients.
That was 30 years ago. In that time I have seen – and treated – thousands of ‘incurables’.
People with end-stage cancers, multiple sclerosis (MS) and other terrible diseases found their way to my surgery in a tiny village in the heart of England.
I’ve put all that I know into a book – The New Medicine –
My thousands of patients are living testament that there is a better way.
I hope The New Medicine becomes an inspiration in your life and your healing.
Dr Patrick Kingsley

Dr Rosy Daniel - Principles and Practise of the Health Creation Programme

To View the presentation by Dr Rosy Daniel on the Principles and Practise of the 'Health Creation' programme click on the link below


This was filmed at the recent Totnes Cancer Conference that CiCHealth were delighted to attend.

Applying a 'Not so New' Understanding to Cancer

We at the Cambridge Institute of Complementary Health were pleased to have welcomed Dr Damien Downing as speaker at CICHealth's Birmingham Cancer Convention last October.

Damien also did a superb job as Chair for the event.

Below is the link for Dr Downings intro to that event and his talk.

Intro: https://vimeo.com/53270710

Dr Downings talk was entitled; Applying our 'not so new' understanding, to Cancer. Nutritional factors in the treatment of people with cancer.   Link below..

Who is Dr Downing?

dr damien downing

Dr. Damien Downing - Lecturer, Consultant and advisor to Totnes Cancer Care.
Dr Downing qualified from Guy’s Hospital in 1972, and worked in the UK (neuropsychiatry and general practice) then in the Solomon Islands in the Pacific before returning in 1980 to set up a private practice in nutritional and environmental medicine.
He was a co-founder of the British Society for Nutritional Medicine in 1983, and is the current president of its successor, the British Society for Ecological Medicine.
He also cofounded the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in 1990, and is now its editor-in-chief.
He is also the medical director of the Alliance for Natural Health.
For Dr Downing’s practice in London see New Medicine Group
Dr Damien Downing practises Ecological Medicine. He explains that this incorporates Allergy, Environment and Nutrition:
Dr. Downing is one of the founders of the British Integrative Oncology Society. bsio.org.uk