Monday, 16 November 2015

Does the Spiritual/Angelic Realm Really Need Rules or is it Man's Ego Again

I was recently at a talk where the speaker was describing a therapy that used symbols for healing. I'm aware of therapies that do that and have tried them myself. The dilemma I have with them is that everyone that I have come across using symbols, is convinced that they are guided to use certain symbols and that these specific symbols will pull in specific energies or clear certain problems.
I'm not doubting that they work but how they work is more of the issue.

It would seem to me that with matters spiritual and spiritual healing modalities, we human beings can't but help stick an ego on them or an identity.  So we declare that it must be this symbol or that symbol and we fix them into a healing framework. The next thing someone is charging you to gain access to these 'special' symbols -  Now its beginning to feel a whole lot less spiritual or from our nature surroundings

Perhaps all that is going on is the intention - what if 6 people all had the same intention, but it was represented by 6 individual symbols. It would surely be the intention to heal that was the overriding factor and not the symbols.

There is a tendency to represent angelic healing by specific symbols - calling in the help of certain angels by drawing symbols that we are told represent them.....again, i'm not doubting the belief of this, but does such high spiritual energy only come into force if you give the correct symbol?
Do we have angels refusing help if you don't address them properly?   Now that really smacks of a human ego.

Who deems it necessary to have a symbol at all yet alone declare them to be certain one or others,

I do not have a religious back ground at all and I'm extremely grateful to have been raised to respect religious beliefs but without the burden of them myself.  I do however have a belief in something that isn't just the physical.  That spark that makes us who we are are and a connection to something greater than us all, but that connects us all. A back drop to our material world but what that is perhaps needs no definition. Not everything has to be defined and logged in Wikipedia!

May be my lack of religious ceremony and symbolic acts prevents me from seeing why this assigning symbolic drawings or markings is important but I would like to think that when such higher energies are at work, they are there for us all and access is simply by asking or healing through intention.

The moment it gets defined, it becomes tainted by man and usually scuppered by  man made rules.

I was told that symbols are from the ancients and have been used for centuries, that to me isn't an argument for making them 'fact' Man has always felt the need to structure things and apply rules - rules that mean you have to follow or be excluded in some way....not at all spiritual then!

I'd like to think that these higher energy realms are bigger than ego and wouldn't care less if you used a symbol from the 'ancients' or a so called  'guided to be used' symbol at all.

May be they come in to help all those that try and help others with a true and open heart and may be they work to guide those that need it too, regardless of whether you call them or not - that would be true universal unconditional love there for all.

Lets hope our spiritual back drop out there isn't working from ego - there is enough of that on the planet already.

If you need a symbol - where in the 'rules' does it say you can't draw your own.

A symbol for good intentions and for all our highest good