Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Cancer Convention - how its progressing.

I spent the day with my colleague working on the Cancer Convention 2012 here in our home town of Cambridge. We are just under a year away and have some wonderful speakers who have agreed to come and enlighten those that attend to the work that they are carrying out on cancer.  Treatments that look to treat it without the horrific side effects of the traditional options that the majority of the populus are subjected to

These are Dr and Professors that are putting forward safe and innovative ways of treating cancer, but not only treating cancer, how we can change the body environment to not develop it in the first place or to take away the 'ideal' living conditions for cancer cells to survive.

Yesterday we spoke to some great people who want to see this convention succeed and help promote health supporting ways of treating cancer.

So much so that we are thinking of extending the conference to 2 days.

For too long people have been putting their trust in the chemotherapy and radiotherapy and then having to endure an operation if they are fit enough to cope with it.

Those of you who kindly follow my blog will know that my passion in this area has stemmed from the all too early death of my sister this year, that despite having me on her shoulder and encouraging health giving approaches to cancer treatment, still felt the enormous pressure to take the chemo route, only for that to be a major factor in hastening her death.

So what is it within the majority of people that feel it is their only option?  Perhaps if the real stats were shown, then they would think again.

It is worth knowing what is available before a problem strikes so you are not searching for a cure in a panic mode, with doctors telling you everyday you defer from there treatment, the cancer is taking a greater hold.

Well find out what is on offer and just how these ways can treat cancer more effectively than the cut/burn and poison you could be subjected to.

With cancer ever on the increase in younger people and those of us in our middle years, we have to look at what is suppressing our immune system so much that our natural killer cells are not doing their job

The increase in breast cancer and lung cancer in particular.  It can't all be down to smoking either. If that was the case then all smokers would get lung cancer and we all know people in the 80's and 90's who have smoked since they were youngsters and never develop cancer, it has to be more than just causal in that way.

What about the other suppressors to our immune system that we inflict on ourselves.

Stress is another factor, well are we really under stress any more than other generations.

I consider that there can be no higher stress level than living through a war, and never knowing whether you would be bombed, or loved ones killed or that your young children would ever see their father again, let alone trying to feed a family on meagre rations.

All within very different living conditions than we do now, and with very few people having a 'cushion' to fall back on.

So may be we need to stop blaming things and situations and start look at the living conditions that 'house' our very life.  Look at the body, start to listen to it. Work with it and not against it.

Modern medicine is more and more disinfranchised from health and from the real workings of the body.

Going back to nature and the naturopathic principles of healing have to be best and when these are applied cleverly to treatments, wonderful healing takes place.

With all our speakers, there innovative ways and approaches to cancer are showing great results, with out the side effects that are so often worse than the disease and more likely to contribute to the demise of the body.

Keep you eye on the website for further developments.

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